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Live at Fingerprints
Thu, Mar 26 Mini Mansions In-store Performance 7:00 pm
Sun, Apr 05 Heligoats In-store Performance 4:00 pm

Mini Mansions, Heligoats, RSD, New Releases & more

        In This Issue       Quick Links Register Now News Related Topics More On Us   Join Our List   Issue: 1506 March 24th, 2015    Hello Long Beach. How’s summer treating you? Crazy, right? Good thing we got the air conditioner worked on recently. Anyway, it’s been a bit between emails because we’ve been studiously spending all of our time poring over Record Store Day release books and planning fun stuff for RSD afternoon/evening. If you’re as excited as we are, RSD is happening on April 18th, and we’ll be doing that crazy 6:00am opening thing again. Blame Sean at FYF, we certainly do. If you’re curious, here’s the RSD list, and here’s another which has some pretty generous info, including some that we didn’t even see until after the orders were due. Anyway, RSD is almost a month away, so let’s look atmore…