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420 E. 4th Street | Long Beach, CA | 90802
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Saturday, April 21st 1:00pm (More tickets available on RSD)

2018 finds Dashboard Confessional releasing their first album of new music in over eight years, and to celebrate the new album, Crooked Shadows, and Record Store Day, Dashboard will be stopping in for a very special stripped down acoustic Record Store Day performance.

Crooked Shadows was produced by band leader Chris Carrabba alongside Jonathan Clark and co-producer Colin Brittain. It includes the single ‘We Fight’. Carrabba says, “When I wrote ‘We Fight’ I thought it was just about the music scene that I came up in – a place where people who’d never quite fit in anywhere felt they actually belonged. When we began playing the song live on our summer tour, I realized that ‘We Fight’ held a much broader meaning. It’s a song for people who, in spite of their differences, can find common ground in their convictions and foster those into something bigger than themselves. That, to me is something worth fighting for.”
Check out We Fight
We’ve capped out our initial guest list for this event, but we’ll be opening approximately 50 additional spots on RSD morning. These will only be available in the shop, sorry no phones for these. This is so we can adjust the capacity based on the line, and to reward RSD shoppers, but mostly to keep the Fire Marshall happy. 
Dashboard Confessional will be playing a full show, plugs and all, at the Palladium later this same evening. Tickets are still available (as of this writing) at this link.