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KING TUFF – Live In-Store Performance (RSD)

KING TUFF – Live In-Store Performance (RSD)
Saturday, April 21st 6:00pm

When asked to describe the title track from his new record, Kyle Thomas-aka King Tuff-takes a deep breath. “It’s a song about hitting rock bottom,” he says. “I didn’t even know what I wanted to do anymore, but I still had this urge-this feeling-like there was this possibility of something else I could be doing… and then I just followed that possibility. To me, that’s what songwriting, and art in general, is about. You’re chasing something, there is something out there calling to you and you’re trying to get at it. ‘The Other’ is basically where songs come from, it’s the hidden world, it’s the mystery. It’s the invisible hand that guides you whenever you make something. It’s the thing I had to rediscover-the sort of voice I had to follow-to bring me back to making music again in a way that felt true and good.”

With wizard hat firmly in place, Thomas embraced his world-weary ennui, and with a mountain of unfamiliar equipment headed into the Pine Room, his wood paneled spaceship of a home studio, and settled in for a cage match with his muse. The result represents a kind of psychic evolution for the King Tuff. No less hooky than previous records, the new songs ditch the goofy rock and roll bacchanalia narratives of earlier records in favor of expansive arrangements, a diversity of instrumentation, and lyrics that straddle the fence between painful ruminations and reconnecting with that part of oneself that feels childlike and creative and not corroded by cynicism. The soulful and cosmic new direction is apparent from the album’s first moments: introduced by the gentle ringing of a chime, acoustic guitar, and warm organ tones, “The Other” is a narrative of redemption born of creativity. It’s glorious.
Of the new album, Thomas says “I’d never played a show with just an acoustic guitar… it just seemed like the scariest thing. I knew I wanted to write some new songs that could stand up in that kind of setting, which really opened the door to a new way of working.”We are happy to announce that King Tuff will be joining us for a very special acoustic set on Record Store Day. We’re hearing he’s only done a handful of shows this way, and the word is not only do the songs hold up, it is breathtaking.

Sample some of the new songs:

We are opening the guest list with pre-order of The Other beginning today. While they last, we will have the colored vinyl Loser Edition of the LP. The Other is also available on CD and Cassette. IF space allows when we’re closer, we will open the guest list free with RSVP, but pre-orders include a +1 and priority entry. Pre-order in person, or by calling 562.433.4996.