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JOSH RITTER – Live In-Store Performance

Tuesday, September 26th 7:00pm
Josh Ritter is set to release his 9th album, titled Gathering, it features his loyal band-mates, the Royal City Band, and it marks 20 years since he quietly self-released his debut. In the intervening years he’s been critically acclaimed, played numerous major tours, both US and international, played an impressive number of in-stores, including several that we’re still talking about right here at Fingerprints (you know, the important stuff), he’s debuted a record in the top 50 on Billboard, he wrote the lion’s share of the songs on Bob Weir’s recent solo album (and Weir returns the favor with a guest appearance on Gathering), and perhaps most important of all, he has absolutely won us over with his songs, which are long on feeling, stories, and people that we want to know. In short, Josh is a gift.
Gathering is being released on September 22nd, and Josh will be stopping in with his partner in song, Zachariah Hickman (of the Royal City Band), for a very special in-store performance on Tuesday, September 26th.
The 13 songs featured on the album touch on themes of uncertainty, mania, laughter and sadness. The first single is Showboat, you should check it out, it’s Josh’s own spin on the classic theme of “I Wish it Would Rain” by the Temptations.
We are opening the guest list for this very special event now, with pre-order of the Gathering on CD or LP. If space allows, and it’s unlikely, we will open first come first served once we’re closer. Pre-order/RSVP by dropping in the shop, or by calling 562.433.4996