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Walter Trout, Frank Turner, Cassette Store Day/Sale & more

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Issue: 1521
October 16th, 2015 
Hey there music & media lovers,You likely noticed that I said “media lovers” up there, because not only are we poised to celebrate Cassette Store Day (Saturday), but we’re having our biggest DVD & Blu-ray sale ever to go along with it. Check out the details on both below, if either sounds like your kind of thing (and if not, it’s Thrifty Thursday all weekend, too!) More info below.

Hopefully things are good in your world. They’ve been a little nutty around here the past month, but it feels like we’re getting back on track finally. We’ve been trying to figure out how to get more room for records, and have struck on the idea of combining a few of the non-rock/pop categories to make dedicated sections for specific genres, including all formats (CDs, LPs, DVDs, & Books). So far, we’ve nailed down Blues & World/International, and it seems to be working pretty well, so we’re gonna do a few others over the next couple weeks. If you’re in, please check them out and let us know your thoughts. In the meantime, we’ve cleaned out the vinyl Hip-Hop and Electronic sections (along with Blues & International) and moved a lot of titles into the $5 & $10 sale sections (new stuff) and the $4.20 (or 3 for $10) section, for the used.

So basically what I’m saying if if you’re looking for a deal, it’s a great time to make the journey.

The in-stores keep rolling, including a just announced event with blues legend Walter Trout. Walter has an incredible discography, both on his own and with artists like Canned Heat, John Lee Hooker, and many more. Check out the details below. Lastly, to end on a hinted high-note, we’re still holding onto one other big show this month, just waiting for the promoter to give us the go ahead to announce. Mondaythe 26th will be a good day.

That’s it for me, have a great weekend, hopefully we’ll see you soon.

Saturday, October 17th – All day 

Cassette Store Day is here, Cassette Store Day is here! Everyone’s favorite day to celebrate the joys of the cassette medium is upon us, so whether it’s mix tapes, rewinding with a pencil, or just the simple joy of flipping the tape, this is the day for it. Special limited releases, a cassette sale, grab bags, & freebies will round things out for the best Cassette Store Day ever. Ever. We will be open regular hours, so go ahead and sleep in, we’ll be here when you’re ready.

DVD & BLU-RAY SALE 50% OFF + BOGO on under $4.99   10/17-10/18
This Weekend  – Saturday & Sunday

While the weather may not provide the moody grey skies that lead to a weekend of blanket forts and movie marathons, that time is coming, so to prepare we offer “Cinema Killer!” our first ever 50% off sale on all Used DVDs & Blu-Ray discs. Pick one, pick ten, heck pick ‘em all – they’re 50% off!
Applies to box sets, collections, & DVD grab-bags, too!
Fine Print: Applies only to used product. No holds, no elbows, and no whining about something being gone when you get here.You may have noticed we’ve been dropping an occasional ThriftyThursday into the mix lately, but if not, it’s where we offer buy one, get one free on Used CDs, LPS, & Books priced at $4.99 each. Because it’s Cassette Store Day, and Blu-Ray/DVD madness weekend, this will hopefully make all of you who think that cassettes were never cool, and who only watch movies in theaters, feel loved, too.

WALTER TROUT – Live In-Store Performance
Thursday, October 22nd 7:00pm 

With a resume that includes time with Joe Tex, Big Mama Thornton, John Lee Hooker, Canned Heat, and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers it is safe to say that Walter Trout’s bona fides are in order. After twenty plus albums of freewheeling, hard-night-out, urban blues, Walter is back with a new album titled Battle Scars, a reference to Walter’s recent liver transplant surgery.
Walter is a regular at major festivals throughout Europe and India, so to see him playing in a Fingerprints-sized room is a true anomaly. If you aren’t familiar with Walter, but your music collection includes names like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa, Rory Gallagher, or Gary Moore, then there is a hole in your collection.
Tomorrow Seems So Far Away - A searing storm from Battle Scars
Royal Albert Hall - A short video documenting Walter’s return to the stage.
Please Take Me Home - A slow burner off the new album.
Battle Scars is available on CD & LP beginning October 23rd, so that makes this a pre-street-date event, and your first official opportunity to immerse yourself in Walter’s newest round of the blues. The guest list is open first come, first served with RSVP, either in person or to562.433.4996. Pre-order will get you a poster and priority entry.

 FRANK TURNER – Live In-Store performance
With Skinny Lister (just added)
Saturday, October 24th 2:00pm

Combining an earnestness and working class ethos that rivals that of Billy Bragg with a brash, whiskey-soaked punk rock energy, that recalls the sharp and shocked edges of The Clash, and more recently Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner is poised for household name success.
Frank is a fan of great pubs and funky record stores, and we’re extremely excited that we fit his criteria for one of them, because on his current full-band tour he’s stopping into some record shops for solo shows around the bigger shows. Frank’s playing a soon to be sold-out show at the Anaheim House of Blues, but stopping in for an afternoon solo banger to support Positive Songs For Negative People.
Josephine https://vimeo.com/131947580ive in a Vegas hotel room.
Four Little Words https://vimeo.com/82474955- Full Band live at Terminal Five. This is where we we came in.The ever so joyous Skinny Lister will be joining this little house-party for a couple of warm-up tunes, so wear your comfortable Docs.

The guest list for this show is open with purchase of Positive Songs for Negative People (or a catalog title), and we’re starting to fill up. We are expecting a sellout. Purchase will get you priority entry and an event poster.

New Releases
All Out Now 

Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars (LP)

Presumptuously titled follow up to Depression Cherry, from way back a couple of weeks ago. We’re just diving in right now, but our earliest thought is that while Depression Cherry is growing on us, this is the Beach House record we really wanted. The CD is scheduled for October 30th. Oh, and our records are all loser editions, so if you like that fancy colored wax, this one is a pretty dark green.
Josh Ritter – Sermon On The Rocks

Is it too early to be talking about album of the year? Josh was in to play for us the other night, and while this album was an immediate, big, joyous beastly mix of rock, roots, and country, it is very much the Josh you hopefully already know and love.

The Twilight Sad – Oran Mor Session
Last year’s Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave saw the Twilight Sad hitting their stride, The Oran Mor Session is a live companion, showing the songs stripped to the bone, shining in the moonlight, and every bit as strong as you would hope.

Prince – HITNRUN Phase One

Prince returns with another new album, and while he still hasn’t dug back into the Purple Rain box of magic, it is a solid album that puts a contemporary spin on some of his side-project/production work (think the Time, Vanity 6, etc with some updated beats, elements of hip hop, yet still a house-party feel.)

Innocence Mission – Hello I Feel the Same

Karen & Don Perris return with a new album that sounds unsurprisingly like the old ones, and I say that with love in my heart, because they make beautifully intimate music… picture a calm and blissed-out Natalie Merchant meeting a much less British Sundays, and you’re in the right neighborhood.

Supersuckers – Holdin’ The Bag

Eddie and the boys are back with a new album, and it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for, if you’ve been paying attention. Roadhouse ass-kickery, rock n roll, and a saddlebag full of country, all turned up to eleven, slightly buzzed, and asking impolite questions about your kid sister. If you’ve been following Eddie’s health issues, you’ll know  this is a good time time to pick up a Supersuckers album, and that it might as well be this one.

Son Little – Son Little

Legit, lift your hair Soul/R&B from this sometimes RJD2 collaborator that is likely to appeal to fans of Charles Bradley, Leon bridges, and Wyclef.

Coheed and Cambria – The Color Before The Sun

A less over the top and more personal take on C&C’s signature sound.

Mogwai – Central Belters

Three Disc collection of highlights, loud lights, and rarities.

John Renbourn – The Attic Tapes

A new collection of songs recorded prior to Renbourn’s debut solo work, including some of his classics yet to come, covers of the moment, and a few live tracks including a couple with Beverly Martyn.

Jack’s Mannequin and Andrew McMahon – Everything In Transit

10th Anniversary Edition, includes newly remastered version of the original, plus a full disc of rarities.

Cocorosie – Heartache City

Beautiful  hypnotic dream pop for the lost, the lonely, and the lovely.

Chris Walla – Tape Loops

Forty minutes of ambient soundscapes, cinematic scenes, and musical places that you wouldn’t want your car to break down. Since leaving Death Cab, Chris has been doing more film work, and these feel like sketches from a winter landscape; both chilly and chilled out.


The Game – The Documentary 2.5
Hugh Cornwell – Fall and Rise of Hugh Cornwell

Byrds – Turn Turn Turn: Byrds Ultimate Byrds Collection
Prins Thomas – Paradise Goulash
Yppah – Tiny Pause
Alela Diane & Ryan Francesconi – Cold Moon
!!! – As If
Pentatonix – Pentatonix
Zebrahead – Walk The Plank
Maia Sharp – The Dash Between the Dates

Small Black – Best Blues

Maritime – Magnetic Bodies/Maps Of Bones
ZOMBI – Shape Shift
Majical Cloudz – Are You Alone?
Demi Lovato – Confident
White Out with Nels Cline – Accidental Sky
BØRNS – Dopamine
Machine Gun Kelly – General Admission
Neon Indian – VEGA INTL. Night School
Jamie Lawson – Jamie Lawson
The Oh Hellos – Dear Wormwood
Stryper – Fallen

THE NATIONAL – A Lot Of Sorrow Boxset (LP)

As part of an art exhibit, The National took to the stage at the NY MOMA, for a 6-hour endurance test to play their song Sorrow over and over again. This 6-lp set is exactly what the title claims; A Lot of Sorrow. There are only 1500 of them being made, and it’s vinyl only, so while it’s not for everyone, if it’s for you, you shouldn’t wait too long to pick one up. We have 2 copies.

Almost all in Long Beach, & all worth a peek  

AM & Shawn Lee - Thursday, October 22nd
A free show in Downtown LA at Ms. Fish.
Moonsville Collective - Monday Oct. 30th
This was supposed to happen here at the shop, but I was too slow, so go support these amazing LB musicians as they release their first label released album.
Halloween - Short Hours/candy for costumes here at the shop.
Ceremony - Live at Chain Reaction in Anaheim for Halloween.
Move – The Lost Buskerfest Set. Live at Clancy’s Nov. 7th, with Tall Walls.
De Lux - Federal Bar Nov. 22nd. Post New York dance-party madness with these in-store and Summer & Music alums.
New Years Eve - Pine Avenue is bringing it big time, so since it’s early, consider this a seed planted. Vintage Trouble and Houndmouth are on top of our list, but the rest is solid as hell.

 Internet Trawling
Fun things that washed up on our desk this week.









Josh Ritter - Getting Ready To Get Down, live, solo, and acoustic.Henrietta, Indiana, also from the new album, but this time with the band.

Gary Calamar - You know him as a KCRW DJ, but he’s a pretty solid songwriter, and it’s his birthday this week, so give him a click, let’s get his views up over 100.
Bruce Springsteen - Dry Lightning, just because it’s a great song, and Ghost of Tom Joad is now 20 years old.
Ride/Robert Smith - Robert Smith remixed Ride’s classic Vapour Trail album, and it’s up for streaming on the guardian’s site.
Spongebob & Ozzy - Spongebob & Patrick get their underwater aquarium rock on, and it shreds.Above: Tupac reacts to an over served Sting telling Madonna “Every Breath You Take… I’ll be watching you”

Play it loud and play it often, the chances are good the neighbors will eventually get over it (or at the very least will get used to it).

Thanks for your support,