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What We’re Listening to: The H. DAVID Correspondence

So many introductions are in order, so it’s hard knowing exactly where to begin, but staffer H. David is a great place to start.

Should you stroll into our vinyl room some fine afternoon, you may notice a tall , salt and pepper bearded man with an authoritative voice. Do not be afraid.  That voice is one of earned authority.

One conversation with H and you’ll walk away with newfound knowledge of the most obscure musical anecdotes and of course, a list of homework. He is never short a good recommendation and is always eager to expand your musical horizons.

Please note: H is definitely a musical purist whose taste is as much analog as he is. In such a digitized world, he is  breath of fresh air. That said,  here are his recommendations as he envisioned them: sent to us in a handcrafted envelope with a meticulous blueprint and now presented to you via fancy scanners and photoshop magic.



(Click to view magnified hi-res photo)