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420 E. 4th Street | Long Beach, CA | 90802
(562) 433-4996

TACOCAT – Live In-Store Performance

TACOCAT – Live In-Store Performance
Thursday, July 21st 7:00pm

The bio says “Hanging out with Tacocat and listening to Tacocat are remarkably similar experiences, like the best party you’ve ever been to, where, instead of jostling for social position, everyone just wants to eat candy and talk about Sassy Magazine, sci-fi, cultural dynamic shifts, and bad experiences with men.” and it nails the fun, quirky, nerdy, art rock, grrl-power, party-all-the-time atmosphere that practically oozes from the speakers as soon as the needle drops.
Pitchfork said “Only the sarcastic irreverence of Tacocat can lift you out of your vortex of suckitude.” which perfectly mirrors our experience here at the shop, when we’re down and troubled, and we need a helping hand, we reach for Tacocat.Spin says “Tacocat…have earned a reputation for slinging punchy power-pop in the unruly vein of All Girl Summer Fun Band and Tiger Trap.” And while we would have added in L7, Cub, Shonen Knife, and The Julie Ruin, Spin nails not only the Grrl-power aspects, but also the power-pop songcraft that embraces their early 90s roots, while tying them to the elusive “now”.Check their soundcloud page for some tasty samples.

Lost Time is Tacocat’s latest release, and for the moment we’re opening the guest list with purchase of Lost Time, or one of their catalog releases. If space allows when we’re a bit closer, we’ll open first come first served (with RSVP). Pre-purchasing will get you priority entry and an event poster. Order/RSVP in person, or at 562.433.4996