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Hanni El Khatib – Live In-Store Performance


Holy smokes, Hanni El Khatib is coming in for an in-store. All right, now that everyone who’s familiar with Hanni’s music is on the way to RSVP, let’s talk about why this is huge news. Hanni showed up on our radar when the pre-release of his debut album, Will The guns Come Out landed on our desk, and within the matter of days became a unanimous staff favorite, resulting in our first ever “don’t play this more than once per shift” rule. Seriously. Since then, Hanni has released two other albums, including Head in the Dirt, which was recorded with Dan Auerbach. While a fiery and electric live performer, Hanni plays much less frequently than we’d like to see him, making this live performance even more special.

Savage Times is the new album, and while with every release we’ve gotten to see a new color in Hanni’s impressive pallet, with Savage Times the goal was to reach into uncharted territory, including the addition of new instruments, approaching writing differently, embracing fresh ideas, and following new instincts. The result ranges from garage rock to punk to disco, hip-hop and even some unexpected solo-guitar self-portraiture.

We couldn’t be happier to be able to host this release day in-store for the unveiling of these new sides to Hanni El Khatib.

Here’s some press:
“This is catchy rock at its finest” – PIGEONS & PLANES
“Hanni El Khatib has been on an unreal creative streak lately” – NOISEY
“Sounds somewhat like a happy marriage between The Black Keys and Nirvana.” – INTERVIEW
“It’s like a maturation of Rae Sremmurd’s youthful hedonism wrapped in guitar strings and catchy grooves.” – Stereogum

Savage Times is released on Friday February 17th on CD and in a stunning 3×10” vinyl box set. The guest list for this event is open with pre-order of either, in person or on the phone at 562.433.4996. If space allows when we’re closer, we’ll open first come first served (with RSVP). Priority entry and an event poster for the folks who pre-order.

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Live In-Store Performance


Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness will be dropping by for a special performance to celebrate the release of his new album Zombies on Broadway featuring the single “Fire Escape” (out February 10th). The follow up to his self-titled debut, which featured the multi-genre hit song “Cecilia and the Satellite,” finds the former front-man of Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate continuing his evolution from pop-punk to writer of smart, narrative, piano-based electro-pop.

Fresh off announcing a North American ‘Zombies in America’ headline tour beginning March 12th (with Atlas Genius and Night Riots opening), Andrew is set to launch Zombies on Broadway next Friday. The album’s brightly textured alt-pop builds off the anthemic yet nuanced sensibilities shown in McMahon’s 2014 debut, revealing a new level of sophistication and insightfulness within his songwriting. And thanks to McMahon’s intimately detailed storytelling and knack for crafting transportive melody, Zombies on Broadway ultimately creates the feeling of being wholly immersed in the kinetic energy of New York City.

Check out some new, and older, tunes from Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness on his soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/search?q=ANDREW+MCMAHON

We are opening the guest list for this event with pre-order of Zombies on Broadway starting now, if space allows when we’re closer we will open it first come with RSVP. To pre-order Zombies on Broadway, please either drop in or give us a call at 562.433.4996.

** SOLD OUT** Ryan Adams Live In-Store



This one is going to be crazy, and it’s going to be sold out! We have seriously been asking Ryan to come in and play for us since Heartbreaker (17 years, for you statistics folks), so we probably can’t explain how excited we are for this to happen. Oh, and his forthcoming album Prisoner is full of the magic that first brought you to Ryan.



Thursday, May 26th 6:00 / 7:15 

Because we are suffering from too much good stuff, we’ve paired these two new release listening parties together. No need to stay for both, but they’re both records we’re excited about, so we encourage you to give both a listen. Individual details below:
The Monkees 6:00pm - Celebrating 50 years, Mickey, Peter, and Michael have enlisted an incredible selection of writers to help them create a memorable addition to their incredible catalog. Writers include Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), Andy Partridge (XTC), Noel Gallagher & Paul Weller (among others). We’ll have some swanky give value adds & prizes, including coloring books, balloons, t-shirts, tote bags, posters, and stickers.
Catfish & the Bottlemen 7:15 - This one is a bit of a reprise, since they were here earlier this month playing live, but since the record is coming out Friday, and no one was able to get a signed copy at the event, we have a couple of signed copies to give away, plus a signed 3×3 from their in-store. Pre-orders will receive limited fuzzy posters of the album art. Folks who pre-ordered at the in-store can pick up your CDs & LPs at this event, if you’d like.
RSVP not required, just drop in for some audio goodness.

SOLD OUT: THRICE – Live Acoustic In-Store Performance

THRICE – Live Acoustic In-Store Performance – SOLD OUT
Friday, May 27th 7:00pm

After long forays into pop-punk and arty post-hardcore, Thrice returns after a hiatus with a sonically grandiose third act. The band’s ninth album, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, at times breaks with Thrice’s angular moves and aims straight for the gut with more anthemic songs.
Frontman Dustin Kensrue told NPR that “Black Honey” was one of the first songs Thrice’s members wrote when they got back together. It’s a gloomy and propulsive piece of heavy drama that recalls late-period Cave In, with Kensrue channeling the soulful rasp of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell more than ever. “Lyrically,” he writes, “the song spawned from an image that popped into my head: someone continually swatting at a swarm of bees to get their honey, but somehow not understanding why they would sting back in return.” (NPR)
Black Honey / Blood on the Sand from the new album.
After a three-year break from writing and touring, Thrice are back with their first studio album in almost five years, and we couldn’t be happier to have them kicking things off with a very special acoustic set here at the shop.Thrice will also be playing a full on, plugged in show at The Novo DTLAon October 8th. Pre-sale on now.


SOLD OUT: BAND OF HORSES – Live Acoustic Set

BAND OF HORSES – Live Acoustic Set

Monday May 30th 4:00pm (Memorial Day)  
Beginning with their first LP “Everything All The Time”, Band of Horses have been a mainstay of indie rock for a decade with 4 studio albums in total, including 2010′s Grammy-nominated “Infinite Arms” and ”Mirage Rock”, produced by the legendary Glyn Johns. Formed and led by singer and songwriter Ben Bridwell, the South Carolina-based band have given us many much-loved singles, including “The Funeral” and “No One’s Gonna Love You”, and have played globe-spanning headline tours as well asdates with greats like Pearl Jam and Neil Young. Next on the horizon this June, Band of Horses are releasing their highly-anticipated fifth studio album, “Why Are You OK”, co-produced by the band and Jason Lytle and executive produced by Rick Rubin.
Check out the below links for a taste:
Casual Party -  The bizarrely beautiful video for the lead single from Why Are You OK
Ode To LRC - (Black Cab Session) Because a great song still sounds great, even when you stuff it into the back of black cab.
We are ecstatic to welcome Band Of Horses to our stage for a very special acoustic performance on Monday, May 30th at 4:00pm. It’s Memorial Day, so plan accordingly.

War Girl – Live In-Store Performance

War Girl – Live In-Store Performance
Wednesday, June 1st 7:00pm

One might experience War Girl as a sort of time portal to a 60′s music festival where The Upsetters, Fela Kuti, Chaka Khan and War became one damn sexy, revolutionary band: subversive lyrics are counterpointed against groovy, danceable rhythms and political statements become a hip-swaying, danceable affair, couched in a rainbow of musical flavors and colors touching on Afrobeat, reggae, and So Cal garage rock.
War Girl is the invention of Matt Wignall, OG producer of the Cold War Kids – who had spent the last several years kicking songs around his [largely analog] recording studio, Tackyland, in Long Beach, California. In fact, Tackyland is almost the first band member of War Girl, given that it has the space and the energy to support the creation of deep, honest sound-the kind of sound that infused songs like “Hang Me Out To Dry” and “Hospital Beds” for the Cold War Kids, which were birthed there some 10 years ago.
Joining Wignall are Ecuadorian percussionist and drummer Erick Diego Nieto who learned percussion and juggling in an Ecuadorian clown school, (and was brought to America by his mother in the 90′s with a suitcase and the beat up drum kit he still plays to this day). Also on percussion Jeff Suri, who grew up in Long Beach under the tutelage of local hero Stephan Hodges (Tom Waits, Mike Watt, David Lynch) whose techniques included having a 12-year old Suri do Mickey Hart yoga techniques as practice. These first songs were recorded live to tape with Nathan Willet & Matt Maust of Cold War Kids, on bass and organ. During the course of these recordings their latest single blew up and they were replaced live with Tamara Raye and Enya Preston on bass and keyboards.
There was no singer at the outset, and Maust recommended a girl who had opened for CWK : Anne Dereaux. Hailing from Nashville and sounding somewhere between Rihanna, Beyonce and Patsy Kline, she had opened for Cold War Kids in another band, also trading off on lead vocals is Santa Monica girl Marika Dahlin, who grew up around the percussion and singing of Malawi, Africa, where her parents operate the much loved charity Water Wells For Africa.
Musically it’s as creative and fresh as it is familiar. A song about acheating boyfriend becomes a metaphor for a dishonest government, another track tells us about an individual getting ousted from their building in NY as the tide of progress and gentrification changes the landscape. All in all it’s pretty groovy.See for yourself; Soundcloud sampler
We are opening the guest list for this very special event with RSVP, and will be offering lathe cut copies of their super limited 10″, which have been individually tricked out by Maust and Wignall. They are limited to 70 copies, and each has a unique, hand embellished, hand treated cover on a series of photos by Matt Wignall. RSVP in person or by calling562.433.4996



Friday, June 10th 7:00pm

Some people go a lifetime without knowing their mission in life, without feeling they have a true calling, and without knowing why they even do what they do. Nahko is not one of them. And that calling and mission has never been clearer than it is on Nahko and Medicine for the People’s third full-length album, Hoka. On Hoka, Nahko’s voice is strong. His mission is clear. The mandate has been thrown down. ‘Hoka’
is a Lakota word, an indigenous tribe from the Great Plains, it is a call to action. It’s what Crazy Horse would say when he went into battle, ‘Hoka, hey!’ ‘My call is to put action to the words that I speak and the lyrics I sing. Not just to talk, but to do,’ says Nahko, who is of combines elements of Puerto Rican, Native American (Apache), and Filipino heritage in his positive worldly message.
Critics have praised the group’s blend of rock, hip­hop, and alt­folk. OC Weekly called the group “empowering” and “powerful. The Huffington Post called Dark As Night “beautiful and stirring,” and compared Nahko to Bob Marley, calling him a “musical prophet.”
Check out some samples to see what the buzz is all about:
Love Letters to God - The new single.
Recommended for fans of Michael Franti, Rebelution, & Xavier Rudd
We are opening the guest list with pre-order of Hoka on CD or LP beginning now. Please drop in or give us a call to order. Pre-orders will receive priority entry and an event poster. If space allows, when we’re closer, we will open the list first come first served (free with RSVP). Order by phone at 562.433.4996


EMILY KINNEY – Live In-Store Performance

EMILY KINNEY – Live In-Store Performance
Wednesday, April 27th 7:00pm 

A lot of us first encountered Emily Kinney’s musical side when she performed Tom Waits’ song Hold On on AMC’s hit television series, The Walking Dead. Emily recently released an album of original material called, “This Is War” and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, especially in areas where fans have had the chance to see her perform, where her joy in playing shines so brightly. We’re extremely excited that she will be here next Wednesday to perform and meet fans.
If you want a mix-tape setting, she would fit nicely in a mix with She & Him and Haxahatchee.
Check out her Treehouse Session for a sample.
We’ve opened the guest list first come first served, but if you pick up a copy of This is War, you’ll receive priority entry, a wristband for the meet & greet, and an event poster. RSVP to 562.433.4996


PEPPER – Live In-Store Performance

PEPPER – Live In-Store Performance

Friday, April 29th 6:00pm  
If you’re a Pepper fan chances are good you’re in either one of two camps; either you missed getting tickets to their sold-out show at Alex’s Bar, or you got tickets to see them at Alex’s, but you know it’s been too long, and it’s going to be over way to soon. Either way, we’re here for you.
Since the guys have a new album coming out on the 29th, and they’re already going to be in town, it would be crazy to miss the chance to have them back on our little stage for an acoustic set.
Way back we hosted Pepper in the old 2nd street location, and it was wall to wall.
With their roots in the same fertile ground that gave us Sublime, it’s little wonder that this Hawaiian trio has such a strong local connection. Ohana, their latest, has all of the familiar components, but there’s a little more juice in the rum drink this time out. Ohana is an old friend that shows up late in the day, and who, before it’s all over, has everyone dancing with a drink in their hand.
Check out the track Vacation for a taste.
We are opening the guest list for this one with pre-order of Ohana on CD or LP. If space allows, which we aren’t anticipating, we will open the list with RSVP (free) a couple days out. If you’d like to be here, your best bet is to punch 562.433.4996 into your phone and place your pre-order.