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Bishop Briggs, RSDv2 (Dream Syndicate / The Alarm/King Tuff) new releases & more

Hello music lovers,Hopefully you’re getting excited about Record Store Day, because it’s coming on like a freight train, like a hurricane, like a rolling stone, and just about any other metaphor from your record collection. By our count it’s a bit over 9 days away, and we’ve got our calendar stacked, and the shelves will soon follow.

The thumbnail: Friday: Bishop Briggs
Saturday: Dashboard Confessional, The Dream Syndicate, King Tuff, & Mike Peters of The Alarm all playing, and Albert Hammond Jr (guitarist of the Strokes) signing his RSD 10″ and his full-length solo release. All the details on all the shows are just down the page, along with a whole pile of other stuff.

Before that: lots of prep, including working on new t-shirts, slip mats, and stickers.

There’s a ton of amazing new releases this past week, and again this coming Friday, so if you’re feeling the jones for some new tunes, stop in and do a little perusing. We’ve also been loading the bins with fresh used and restocks.

Have a great week, see you soon.

BISHOP BRIGGS – Live In-Store Performance
Friday, April 20th 7:00pm
Bishop Briggs, is a child of the world, born in London to Scottish parents, she spent her early years in Tokyo karaoke bars, then on to Hong Kong, then LA and school at Musician’s Institute. She first crossed our radar with her appearance on the Cold Wars Kids song “So Tied Up”. But before we got there, she was already quite the internet sensation, tracking commercials for Acura, and climbing the Shazam search results (apparently that’s a thing).
Bishop Briggs has toured as the opening act for Coldplay, released a couple of very hot EPs, and is poised to deliver her full-length debut, Church of Scars, on April 20th.
Bringing a hip-hop edge and sensibility to her perfect dark pop sound, Bishop Briggs is going to have one hell of a year in 2018.
Rolling Stone picked her in their 10 New Artists you need to Know feature (2016), and described her music as sounding like “Guttural dirges over a Nineties sci-fi film score”, and went on to recommend her to fans of Florence + the Machine, Banks, & PJ Harvey. There’s a lot more going on, but this is a great starting place.
Sample some:
Dream –  Unstoppable and gorgeous
River – Her breakout song.
We have opened the guest list for Bishop Briggs with pre-order of Church of Scars, and we’re well on our way to having a selling it out, so fair warning if you’re still on the fence. Pre-order in person or by calling 562.433.4996. If space allows when we’re closer, we’ll open with free RSVP, but we expect this one to reach capacity first.

So Much Good Stuff

It’s getting to be RSD time again, and this year is shaping up to be among the best ever; the list is so strong, and the early word is we’ve done well in the allocation lottery, and the events fell like Greek Theatre status or better,  check out the details below and see if you agree:

THE RELEASES… are borderline ridiculous, with huge titles coming from Grateful Dead, Run The Jewels, Sundays, Dream Syndicate, David Axelrod, David Bowie, Jeff & Tim Buckley, Chicano Batman, The Cure, Czarface, Daughter, Mac DeMarco, Descendents, The Doors, Duran Duran, Dylan, Eno, Fidlar, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Lil Uzi Vert, Linkin Park, Madonna, Van Morrison, The National, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, and almost 400 other titles, all limited edition, and all varying shades of amazing. Check out the full list at Recordstoreday.com. As always, we will not be able to hold or pre-sell any of these, and all are limited to (1) per title/per person/family.
THE EVENTS: If you told me we would have a day where Dashboard Confessional, King Tuff, The Dream Syndicate, & the Alarm, all play on our humble little stage, on the same day, I would have a hard time believing it, but it’s all happening… and, Albert Hammond Jr., of The Strokes and several solo albums fame, will be dropping in to sign records. Damn. What. A. Day.
THE HOURS: This is where it gets a little crazy. Years ago we decided it would be a good idea to open at 6:00am, and here we are… The getting up early part is rough, but since this is a day to celebrate the record store culture, we couldn’t let it go without having some of our favorite bands in to play, and this is the only way we could figure out how to do it. We’ll be closing at our regular 10:00pm.

Read on for all of the details, and stay tuned to our social media for spotlights on some of our favorite RSD releases.

The Dream Syndicate – Live In-Store Performance
Saturday, April 21st 2:30pm (RSD)

When the call came in saying that Steve Wynn wanted to celebrate Record Store Day with us, my little indie-rock heart felt like Meg White was on the drum stool.

Combining the guitar drenched sounds of Neil Young and Television with the art-rock of the Velvet Underground, and running it through the post-punk, paisley infused, free-for-all that was Los Angeles in the early 80s, the Dream Syndicate soundtracked more than an evening, they soundtracked our youth. They came up in the same scene that nurtured X, The Blasters, Opal, and The Three O’Clock, making several seminal albums, including Medicine Show, The Days of Wine & Roses, and Ghost Stories. Happily, 2017 saw the release of the amazing How Did I Find Myself Here? featuring a reunited band, with the addition of our old pal Chris Cacavas on keys, and Kendra Smith joining in with a song and a guest vocal.  Pitchfork described it as “…the atmospheric, guitar-focused rock that veer(s) between noise and subtlety; Wynn’s moody and angsty, enigmatic lyrics that evoke noir cinema and literature; and a penchant for extended instrumental jamming.”  which is better than anything we could have come up with on short notice.

Live on KEXP – Live Session, from the US leg of their recent triumphant world tour.

We are opening the guest list for this very special live RSD performance with pre-order of the RSD exclusive album, How We Found Ourselves… Everywhere!, a collection of out-takes and Live Tracks from the 2017 tour. Pre-order in person or by calling 562.433.4996. We will be holding some copies (and space for the in-store) back for RSD shoppers, but we expect this one to fill up, so we encourage you to make your arrangements early.

THE ALARM – Live In-Store Performance
Saturday, April 21st 8:00pm (RSD)

Mike Peters, of the Alarm, will once again be bringing the rock for Record Store Day. If you grew up listening to the golden era of KROQ, chances are good that songs like Sixty Eight Guns, The Stand, Rain in the Summertime, and so many more are part of your eternal mix-tape. Mike brought the boys with him last year, but this year he’s flying solo… literally. Mike’s gonna wake up in London and head to the studio to record 4 versions of The Alarm’s new single Transatlantic, from their first new album since 2013. Those performances will be lathe cut live onto 7″s for in-store contests, Mike then heads to Rough Trade in London to play for the line, and from there it’s off to the airport and a flight to New York and an in-store at Looney Tunes, then once again into the sky for a quick bound over to our shop, where he’ll take the stage at 8:00 for his final performance of the day. Three shows in three time zones on the same day; Take that Phil Collins!

All this to set up The Alarm’s Record Store Day release, Where Two Rivers Meet, an 8-song mini-album made up of new material, including three songs from the upcoming new album, due in June, with the rest being acoustic tracks and an out-take or two. Billy Duffy of The Cult plays one of the tracks.

Sixty Eight Guns – From the remastered version of their debut album, and still an epic rocker.

Full Show – Complete live show, recorded in Glasgow last year. This is a band still very much riding the crest of their best work. There are at least a couple of the new songs on this set list.

We are opening the guest with pre-order of the RSD exclusive Where Two Rivers Meet mini-ep. If space allows when we’re closer, we’ll open first come first served. Pre-orders include a +1 and priority entry. Pre-order in person or by calling 562.433.4996.

KING TUFF – Live In-Store Performance (RSD)
Saturday, April 21st 6:00pm
When asked to describe the title track from his new record, Kyle Thomas-aka King Tuff-takes a deep breath. “It’s a song about hitting rock bottom,” he says. “I didn’t even know what I wanted to do anymore, but I still had this urge-this feeling-like there was this possibility of something else I could be doing… and then I just followed that possibility. To me, that’s what songwriting, and art in general, is about. You’re chasing something, there is something out there calling to you and you’re trying to get at it. ‘The Other’ is basically where songs come from, it’s the hidden world, it’s the mystery. It’s the invisible hand that guides you whenever you make something. It’s the thing I had to rediscover-the sort of voice I had to follow-to bring me back to making music again in a way that felt true and good.”
With wizard hat firmly in place, Thomas embraced his world-weary ennui, and with a mountain of unfamiliar equipment headed into the Pine Room, his wood paneled spaceship of a home studio, and settled in for a cage match with his muse. The result represents a kind of psychic evolution for the King Tuff. No less hooky than previous records, the new songs ditch the goofy rock and roll bacchanalia narratives of earlier records in favor of expansive arrangements, a diversity of instrumentation, and lyrics that straddle the fence between painful ruminations and reconnecting with that part of oneself that feels childlike and creative and not corroded by cynicism. The soulful and cosmic new direction is apparent from the album’s first moments: introduced by the gentle ringing of a chime, acoustic guitar, and warm organ tones, “The Other” is a narrative of redemption born of creativity. It’s glorious.
Of the new album, Thomas says “I’d never played a show with just an acoustic guitar… it just seemed like the scariest thing. I knew I wanted to write some new songs that could stand up in that kind of setting, which really opened the door to a new way of working.”We are happy to announce that King Tuff will be joining us for a very special acoustic set on Record Store Day. We’re hearing he’s only done a handful of shows this way, and the word is not only do the songs hold up, it is breathtaking.

Sample some of the new songs:

We are opening the guest list with pre-order of The Other beginning today. While they last, we will have the colored vinyl Loser Edition of the LP. The Other is also available on CD and Cassette. IF space allows when we’re closer, we will open the guest list free with RSVP, but pre-orders include a +1 and priority entry. Pre-order in person, or by calling 562.433.4996.

ALBERT HAMMOND JR – Record Signing
Saturday, April 21st 5:00pm (RSD)

Among the swirling hyperbole and fan cries about Francis Trouble being “His best album yet”, there is a fascinating story at the root of the Strokes guitarist’s new solo release, and that’s the story of how he was originally going to be a twin. His sibling, Francis, wasn’t carried to term, but instead left Albert to find him, and eventually himself, through his ghost-brother’s “lost persona”. Francis, it seems, would have been more of a romantic, a deeper thinker, and a legendary lover; in other words, all of the things we imagine when we picture our better selves, yet because it wasn’t himself he was picturing, there is strange mix of longing and playfulness on this, his fourth solo release.

Check out:
Far Away Truths
Set to Attack
Muted BeatingsAlbert Hammond Jr is currently out on his headline North America Tour, and just recently supported The Killers on a string of dates, including their Staples Center show, as well as a UK run with Franz Ferdinand. We are very excited to announce that Albert Hammond Jr will be joining us for Record Store Day to sign copies of his limited vinyl 10″ release, Etchings From Francis Trouble, a collection of b-sides from Francis Trouble, as well as the full length Francis Trouble.

We will be offering priority wristbands with pre-order of either the limited RSD title, Etchings From Francis Trouble, or with the full-length Francis Trouble on LP or CD. To pre-order either drop in or call us at 562.433.4996.

Saturday, April 21st 1:00pm (More tickets available on RSD)
2018 finds Dashboard Confessional releasing their first album of new music in over eight years, and to celebrate the new album, Crooked Shadows, and Record Store Day, Dashboard will be stopping in for a very special stripped down acoustic Record Store Day performance.
Crooked Shadows was produced by band leader Chris Carrabba alongside Jonathan Clark and co-producer Colin Brittain. It includes the single ‘We Fight’. Carrabba says, “When I wrote ‘We Fight’ I thought it was just about the music scene that I came up in – a place where people who’d never quite fit in anywhere felt they actually belonged. When we began playing the song live on our summer tour, I realized that ‘We Fight’ held a much broader meaning. It’s a song for people who, in spite of their differences, can find common ground in their convictions and foster those into something bigger than themselves. That, to me is something worth fighting for.”Check out We Fight

We’ve capped out our initial guest list for this event, but we’ll be opening approximately 50 additional spots on RSD morning. These will only be available in the shop, sorry no phones for these. This is so we can adjust the capacity based on the line, and to reward RSD shoppers, but mostly to keep the Fire Marshall happy. 
Dashboard Confessional will be playing a full show, plugs and all, at the Palladium later this same evening. Tickets are still available (as of this writing) at this link.

All Available Now
Dr Octagon – Moosebumps: An Exploration into Modern Day Horror (CD/LP)
Blackberry Smoke – Find a Light (CD/LP)
Special insert with LP purchase.
Eels – Destruction (CD/LP)
Loving this new Eels music. 
Hinds – I Don’t Run
Album number 2, this time co-produced by Hinds and Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor), and engineered by Grammy winner Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, Perfume Genius, The War On Drugs, John Legend).
Hop Along – Bark Your Head off, Dog
Third album of thoughtful, political, and weighty topics, but this time around, they’ve added strings, more intricate rhythms, lush harmonies along with a momentary visit with a vocoder.
Kylie Minogue – Golden (CD/LP/DLX)
Kylie’s latest is a mix of Kylie’s signature dance pop with some real Nashville twang. The deluxe has 4 extra songs, and a better package.
Jeff Beck – Live at the Hollywood Bowl (CD/LP)
Chicago – Chicago VI Decades Live (Box)
Micah P Hinson – At the British Broadcasting Corporation (CD//LP)
Love – Forever Changes (DLX)
Box Set Release with DVD, LP, and lots of outtakes and live tracks.
Rainbow Kittens Surprise – How To: Friend, Love, Freefall (CD/LP)
30 Seconds to Mars – New Album
Underoath – Erase Me (CD/LP)
E-40 / B-LEGIT            Connected & Respected 
Lil Xan – Total Xanarchy
New face on the hip hop scene, releasing his first proper release, which is said to be an homage to the late/great Tupac.
Alison Wonderland – Awake
Frank Sinatra – Baby Blue Eyes (CD/LP)
Johnny Cash – Total Sun Collection
Elvis Presley – Searcher Soundtrack
Various – Restoration: Reimagining the Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin
Covers album, featuring a load of Nashville’s biggest and brightest, including; Dierks Bentley, Rosanne Cash and Emmylou Harris, Miley Cyrus, Vince Gill and Don Henley, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves, Willie Nelson, Brothers Osborne, Chris Stapleton, Rhonda Vincent and Dolly Parton and Lee Ann Womack.
Various – Revamp: Reimagining Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin
Covers album v.2, but this time it leans towards the urban and pop world. Artists include; Mary J. Blige, Alessia Cara, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Florence And The Machine, Lady Gaga, The Killers, Mumford and Sons, P!nk and Logic, Q-Tip ft. Demi Lovato, Queens of the Stone Age, Ed Sheeran, and Sam Smith.
Diet Cig – Over Easy (CD/LP)
John Fogarty – Centerfield
Goat Girl – Goat Girl
Island – Feels Like Air
Jungle Rot – What Horrors Await
Sloan – 12 (CD/LP)
Son Volt – Search
Lisa Stansfield – Deeper
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food (CD/LP)
We still have a couple of these left on colored wax, and it’s excellent, so if you’re thinking about it, I wouldn’t leave it for too long.
Wye Oak – The Louder I Call, The Faster it Runs (CD/LP)
Absolutely stunning new album. When a band you love for their guitars does an album that’s keyboard heavy, it’s a little scary; well I’m happy to save this album would be amazing palyed on a kazoo. We have colored vinyl, and might even have a signed copy still kicking around.
Daniel Avery – Song For Alpha
Wonder Years – Sister Cities
Notable Vinyl, Not Covered Above: 

Blackberry Smoke – Find a Light (CD/LP)
Bob Dylan – Freewheelin Bob Dylan (LP)
Eels – Deconstruction (10″)
Mike Ness – Cheating at Solitaire / Under the Influence (LP)
Jack Kerouac – Blues & Haikus (LP)
Jack backed by classic jazz players.


Web Trawling

Interesting Clicks That Came Up On The Net


We were shaking – One of the greatest live performances I’ve ever seen was Trent Reznor (NIN) doing a version of Piggy, accompanied by a string section, but dominated by egg shaker. With that in mind, here are some shaker tips for you budding percussionists.
Jonathan Wilson – La Isla Bonita, acoustic in Norway 2016. It’s kind of fun to picture the resident hippy listening to Madonna albums, and trying to chose a song to cover.
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Live on KEXP, recorded late last year.
Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box (live), the final song from the final show Nirvana did. Esquire has a great article about it. Kurdt died 24 years ago this week (makes pouring one out motion).
Cover Art – Interesting article about a photographer who spent years looking for the original locations of 40 of his favorite (mostly reggae) LP covers, and then taking pictures of the albums in place.
Howlin’ Rain – A collection of beautiful words about the band, some chat about the new album (and it’s electric Crazy Horse moments), and the first single. Thank you NPR. Look for an in-store announcement closer to street date.
Mapache  – In the Morning Light, live on KEXP. Look for them touring with Howlin’ Rain later this spring.
Arthur Buck – There’s a new project coming from Joseph Arthur and Peter Buck, this is the first track from it.
Miley Cyrus – Covering Dolly Parton’s Jolene for Backyard Sessions. I’m gonna guess as many of you will be surprised as not. It’s old, and it’s already got 150M views, but it’s still worth a repost.
Lake Street Dive  – Taking a swing, so to speak, at A-Ha’s Take On Me. It’s more fun than being a vegetarian at a Cambodian street food festival.
Peter Nalitch – Guitar is the song, and it was found by our friend Larry Inditch, who loves Sigur Ros and Radiohead. This doesn’t sound like either of them, but the video has its moments.
Calendar Filling

Sugary Delights to Fill Up Your Nights  

04.21 – Record Store Day – In case you skipped everything else up there /\
04.21 – RSD Party 4th Street Vine – Dogfish Head sponsored RSD playback party, bring your RSD purchases down and they’ll play them for you.
04.29 – Smiths/Morrissey Convention –   Hollywood. Tickets available here at the shop.
05.08 – Pokey Lafarge – Moved to the Yost Theater in Santa Ana now that Don the Beachcomber is getting out of the music game.
05.17 – Summer and Music (SAM) Season kick off, happening here at the shop. Live music and all the news that fits.
05.26 – The Blasters
 – Up Top at Shannon’s on Pine/Broadway.
06.23 – SAM – fka720 – Our annual skate dance party
07.07 – SAM – Twisted at the Pike – Twisted indie rock with a carnival theme
08.08 – SAM – Buskerfest – Our annual celebration of local music in the East Village
09.29&30 – Music Tastes Good – The cheap tickets are gone, but that just means we’re getting closer to the announcement of who’s going to play, and that is a very good thing to look forward to, but then there’s the I should have gotten the cheap tickets crash, followed by the inevitable calls asking when can I get my tickets at Fingerprints. The “repeat the cycle” races are coming to town…

Cash or Trade for Used CDs, LPs, & More
We Want Your Old Records, CDs, and More
Cleaning out your garage? Paring down your collection? We’re always looking for albums, CDs, books, cassettes, and music related memorabilia. We pay the best prices in town (cash or store credit), and if it’s a big collection, we’ll be happy to come to you to check it out. Call us at 562.433.4996 and let’s get this off your to-do list.
Thanks for supporting local businesses, Long Beach is cooler because of it. Some of our favorites are Berlin, Rainbow Juices, Salud, The Hip Pea, Long Beach Creamery (Now open on the Promenade, South of Broadway), Congregation, Lola’s, & there are so many more. Go forth and love them. 

Dawes – Live In-Store Performance

Dawes will release a limited-edition double LP pressing of We’re All Gonna Live, the first official live concert recording from the band, via their own HUB Records, on November 25th to celebrate Small Business Saturday. The album will be available at participating independent record stores, like you know, fingerprints. Dawes recorded the fifteen-song We’re All Gonna Live during the first four shows of their 2017 “An Evening With Dawes” tour, and the album contains live versions of fan favorites and new originals including “When The Tequila Runs Out,” “Roll With The Punches,” “A Little Bit of Everything,” “Things Happen,” and “All Your Favorite Bands” (full track list on the back of the album).

The band will appear here at Fingerprints for an intimate in-store performance and signing on November 25th at 4:00pm.

Lead singer Taylor Goldsmith also recorded a video for Record Store Day about the importance of independent record stores and the band’s involvement in Small Business Saturday, saying: “When you come to a record store that is a small business, they’re going to really care about what you’re looking for, and what you identify with. You’re supporting people that care as much about music as you do to continue that love of music. In a lot of ways we like to perceive ourselves as a small business, as owners of our label, and so to get to be part of Small Business Saturday and celebrate that in anyway is obviously exciting for us.” Watch the video in the comments below.

We have a very limited quantity of We’re All Gonna Live coming in, so will be opening the guest list with a very special “bring a friend” package, including a copy of the live album, and a plus 1 for the show. This event will hit capacity, so we do not suggest you sleep on this one. Pre-order your copy of We’re All Gonna Live ($12.99) in person, or by calling 562.433.4996.

25th Anniversary Sale 9/2 – 9/4

The 25th Anniversary Sale Finishes…
All Weekend, Sat 9/02, Sun 9/03, & Mon 9/04

Did we mention that we turned 25 this year? Okay, but did we mention it enough times? Does it help that we mainly mention it when we’re announcing a sale? This weekend; 20% off NEW & USED CDs, LPs, DVDs, and Blurays. There is free parking in the lot across the street all weekend. 20% off Sale only applies to Green or Yellow tags, orange tagged items are priced as marked (and they’re probably already on sale). That’s the short version; 20% off (almost) store-wide sale. 25 feels pretty good, but we’re now officially on our way to 26. Come down and help us on our way. Oh, and thanks for the past support. Seriously, there have been some bumps over the past 25 years, and it’s only because of the support from folks like you that we’re still here slinging records and playing music. So thanks. Now go find a bargain.

Bonus: The guys from Snow Shop[pe], the best shaved ice you’ve ever had, are looking to open here in Long Beach, and to test the waters, they’re going to have a pop-up shop here in the shop with $3.00 shave ices from Noon-3:00 on Monday.

SLEEPING WITH SIRENS – Live In-Store Perfomance (Acoustic Set)


Starting with 2010’s debut long player, With Ears To See & Eyes To Hear, Sleeping with Sirens have been an unstoppable force, pushing themselves to new sonic landscapes with each release. After years of Warped Tours, numerous awards, and the growth of a die hard fan base, the boys are ready to release what they consider their master work, Gossip. The upcoming fifth album boasts their signature sound — soaring and almost unbelievably high vocals, catchy riffs, and concise beats — while achieving the artistic sound they’ve been yearning for.

The album is not only a study in creative growth, but in personal growth as well. See what frontman Kellin Quinn had to say about the release: “The story of Gossip really begins in me transitioning from a boy to a man. I grew up basically my entire life playing music in this group. This record is me figuring out who I’m suppose to be as a musician, a husband, and a father. It’s a hard, scary, rewarding, and daring process that gets chronicled in the lyrics, Musically, I feel like it’s the first Sirens record that sounds specifically like us. We took chances, experimented, and continued to do what we do best: create art. It’s something new. It has an authentic sound that we’ve been working towards all this time”.

Check out the albums triumphant lead single, ‘Legends

 Sleeping with Siren’s will be here Sunday, Septmber 3rd, for an intimate acoustic in-store performance starting at 3 PM. We’re opening the guest list with pre-order of Gossip on LP or CD. Pre-order in person at the shop or over the phone at 562.433.4996.


JOSH RITTER – Live In-Store Performance

Tuesday, September 26th 7:00pm
Josh Ritter is set to release his 9th album, titled Gathering, it features his loyal band-mates, the Royal City Band, and it marks 20 years since he quietly self-released his debut. In the intervening years he’s been critically acclaimed, played numerous major tours, both US and international, played an impressive number of in-stores, including several that we’re still talking about right here at Fingerprints (you know, the important stuff), he’s debuted a record in the top 50 on Billboard, he wrote the lion’s share of the songs on Bob Weir’s recent solo album (and Weir returns the favor with a guest appearance on Gathering), and perhaps most important of all, he has absolutely won us over with his songs, which are long on feeling, stories, and people that we want to know. In short, Josh is a gift.
Gathering is being released on September 22nd, and Josh will be stopping in with his partner in song, Zachariah Hickman (of the Royal City Band), for a very special in-store performance on Tuesday, September 26th.
The 13 songs featured on the album touch on themes of uncertainty, mania, laughter and sadness. The first single is Showboat, you should check it out, it’s Josh’s own spin on the classic theme of “I Wish it Would Rain” by the Temptations.
We are opening the guest list for this very special event now, with pre-order of the Gathering on CD or LP. If space allows, and it’s unlikely, we will open first come first served once we’re closer. Pre-order/RSVP by dropping in the shop, or by calling 562.433.4996


Hanni El Khatib – Live In-Store Performance

Holy smokes, Hanni El Khatib is coming in for an in-store. All right, now that everyone who’s familiar with Hanni’s music is on the way to RSVP, let’s talk about why this is huge news. Hanni showed up on our radar when the pre-release of his debut album, Will The guns Come Out landed on our desk, and within the matter of days became a unanimous staff favorite, resulting in our first ever “don’t play this more than once per shift” rule. Seriously. Since then, Hanni has released two other albums, including Head in the Dirt, which was recorded with Dan Auerbach. While a fiery and electric live performer, Hanni plays much less frequently than we’d like to see him, making this live performance even more special.

Savage Times is the new album, and while with every release we’ve gotten to see a new color in Hanni’s impressive pallet, with Savage Times the goal was to reach into uncharted territory, including the addition of new instruments, approaching writing differently, embracing fresh ideas, and following new instincts. The result ranges from garage rock to punk to disco, hip-hop and even some unexpected solo-guitar self-portraiture.

We couldn’t be happier to be able to host this release day in-store for the unveiling of these new sides to Hanni El Khatib.

Here’s some press:
“This is catchy rock at its finest” – PIGEONS & PLANES
“Hanni El Khatib has been on an unreal creative streak lately” – NOISEY
“Sounds somewhat like a happy marriage between The Black Keys and Nirvana.” – INTERVIEW
“It’s like a maturation of Rae Sremmurd’s youthful hedonism wrapped in guitar strings and catchy grooves.” – Stereogum

Savage Times is released on Friday February 17th on CD and in a stunning 3×10” vinyl box set. The guest list for this event is open with pre-order of either, in person or on the phone at 562.433.4996. If space allows when we’re closer, we’ll open first come first served (with RSVP). Priority entry and an event poster for the folks who pre-order.

Sara Watkins, Spain, Tacocat, New Releases, and more

Join Our List
Join Our Mailing List
Issue: 1615
July 8th, 2016
Hello rock stars and groupies,

Lots going on with this little missive, hopefully you’ll find something that rings your Friday bell.
A couple of the highlights:

– Sara Watkins, beloved singer and violinist of Nickel Creek, will be playing the shop tonight, and there’s still room on the list, so give us a call with your free RSVP. Bring the kids, it’s gonna be a blast.
– Summer and Music returns tomorrow with Twisted, our dark spin the carnival midway as concert venue. It’s free and happening at the Pike, by the ferris wheel.
– Tacocat and Spain are both coming in to play!
– New releases are starting to roll in for your summertime enjoyment, including the amazing Avalanches new release.
– We’ve got tickets for FYF, Music Tastes Good, and LB Folk Revival

That’s the short version, all the details are down the page, including links to samples for the in-store bands.

Have a great weekend, hopefully we’ll see you soon.

SARA WATKINS – Live In-Store Performance

Friday, July 8th 7:00pm  (Open Guest List) 
Sara Watkins spent her formative years singing and playing violin with Grammy Award-winning folk-bluegrass trio Nickel Creek, which paved the way for Sara as a solo artist, and she’s now celebrating her third solo release. Young In All The Wrong Ways is Sara Watkins’ most cohesive and fully realized solo album. The new collection finds her embracing the role of frontwoman, with a band/collaborators that include; Punch Brothers, Jon Brion, Jay Bellerose, Sarah Jarosz, Aoife O’Donovan, Jim James (of My Morning Jacket), and Benmont Tench (of Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers). The record is about Sara turning the page and taking the reins of her own life, in both a career and personal sense, it contains some of the heaviest moments of her career, with eruptions of thrumming B3 organ and jagged electric guitar. But it’s also quiet, vulnerable, and tenderhearted. Bold in all the right ways.

Young in All the Wrong Ways – The official video

Sara also has her own youtube channel, you should give it a peep.

Nerdist podcast – It’s a great glimpse into Sara’s background, humor, and songwriting (with interspersed live performances). It’s a couple of years old, but it’s still well worth a peek back in time, especially if you’re a podcast fan.

The guest list is open with RSVP. Purchase of Young in All the Wrong Ways (CD/LP) will get you priority entry and an event poster.  Purchase/RSVP in person or by calling 562.433.4996

TACOCAT – Live In-Store Performance
Thursday, July 21st 7:00pm

The bio says “Hanging out with Tacocat and listening to Tacocat are remarkably similar experiences, like the best party you’ve ever been to, where, instead of jostling for social position, everyone just wants to eat candy and talk about Sassy Magazine, sci-fi, cultural dynamic shifts, and bad experiences with men.” and it nails the fun, quirky, nerdy, art rock, grrl-power, party-all-the-time atmosphere that practically oozes from the speakers as soon as the needle drops.

Pitchfork said “Only the sarcastic irreverence of Tacocat can lift you out of your vortex of suckitude.” which perfectly mirrors our experience here at the shop, when we’re down and troubled, and we need a helping hand, we reach for Tacocat.

Spin says “Tacocat…have earned a reputation for slinging punchy power-pop in the unruly vein of All Girl Summer Fun Band and Tiger Trap.” And while we would have added in L7, Cub, Shonen Knife, and The Julie Ruin, Spin nails not only the Grrl-power aspects, but also the power-pop songcraft that embraces their early 90s roots, while tying them to the elusive “now”.

Check their soundcloud page for some tasty samples.

Lost Time is Tacocat’s latest release, and for the moment we’re opening the guest list with purchase of Lost Time, or one of their catalog releases. If space allows when we’re a bit closer, we’ll open first come first served (with RSVP). Pre-purchasing will get you priority entry and an event poster. Order/RSVP in person, or at 562.433.4996

SPAIN Live in-Store Performance
Friday August 5th 7:00pm 

There was a time in the 90s when sad and slow bands like Red House Painters and Tindersticks, and songwriters like Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen dominated our playlist; quietly sad, and beautiful, and while they were all sonically gorgeous, Spain took a lot of those same sadcore elements and added a warm smokiness that brought them a refined and well-rounded quality that somehow elevated their sound to something beyond rock and roll, yet cost them none of their edge to do it.

Well, many years and several albums down the road, and we’re still listening to slowcore, and Josh Haden and Spain are back with their sixth album, Carolina. Loaded with alt-country elements, Carolina is Spain walking us through history, coming-to-terms of the death of Spain frontman Josh Haden’s father (jazz bassist Charlie Haden), nostalgia over lost youth, and cautionary observations on our future.

You may be familiar with Spain’s song “Spiritual” from Johnny Cash’s version on his Unchained album, or Mark Lanegan’s Soulsavers’ version on the album It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s the Way You Land album, and neither are a bad introduction, but if it’s all you know about Spain, it’s time to visit the source.

There are a lot of great samples at Spain’s soundcloud page, give them some exploration, early in the morning or late at night is our favorite time with them.

We are opening the guest list with RSVP beginning now. Pre-order/purchase of Carolina, or one of Spain’s catalog titles will get you priority entry and an event poster. RSVP in person or by calling562.433.4996

New Releases
In the shop on Friday, July 8th.

The Rave Ups – Town & Country

Some of you may recall The Rave-Ups from their brief turn in the film Pretty in Pink, but more likely you’re going to be new to the sound of this LA band’s take on alt-country. Imbued with jangling guitars, plenty of twang, and loads of punk/rock attitude, blended with killer pop sensibilities, The Rave-ups are the LA band that should have been; should have been emblazoned across our chests and etched onto our arms, quite simply they should have been our “band”. Happily, they’re back to doing shows again, including (hopefully) one here at the shop in the not to distant. This reissue includes 11 bonus tracks, including their KCRW in-studio session. Recommended for folks who miss the glory days of Bogart’s, the Palomino, and the Country Club in Reseda. Three random bands that popped into my head while listening this morning; X, Big Country, and the Doors.

Avalanches – Wildflower (CD/LP)

It’s rare that you’ll find a second album that is as strong at a band’s debut, but Wildflower is exactly that; groovy, fun, and loaded with crazy cut and paste beats and samples. Danny Brown, Biz Markie, Camp Lo, Jonathan (Mercury Rev), Chaz (Toro y Moi), David Berman (Silver Jews), Jenifer Herema (Royal Trux), Father John Misty, and the result is the most fun we’ve had since The Gorillaz last put out new music. Free 7″ single with LP purchase, while they last.
Biffy Clyro – Ellipsis (CD/LP)
Produced by Rich Costey, who’s worked with Muse, My Chemical Romance, & SigurRos in the past, which is promising.
David Bowie – Hours / Outside
Reissues of these two late period Bowie albums, including Outside, which is the reunion of Bowie with Brian Eno, for the first time since their Berlin Trilogy. Both albums are a bit more jazz influenced, and both were somewhat overlooked on their original release, so if you’re looking for new Bowie this might feel pretty close.
Heart – Beautiful Broken
Heart’s first new album in four years is a mix of new songs and reinterpretations of classic songs from their catalog. I think that’s called hedging your bets. James Hetfield of Metallica and NeYo guest, and I have no idea what to call that.
Switchfoot – Where the Light Shines Through (CD/LP/Dlx)
Their in-store was a lot of fun, hopefully some of you were here for it. Not too much to say about this new one, other than John Fields produced it, and he’s the guy that did Beautiful Letdown, so if you’re a fan of that era, you’re gonna want to check this out.
Aphex Twin – Cheetah (CD/LP)
The packaging on this one is kind of bonkers beautiful .
Badbadnotgood – IV (CD/LP)
Can you say hotly tipped, staff favorite? Badbadnotgood are like breakfast to most of us at the shop, and by that I mean the most mportant listen of the day. If you’re down with serious jazz meets hip-hop, you should definitely dive in with us.
Boris – Pink (CD/LP)
Reissued with bonus tracks.
Gone is Gone – Gone is Gone (CD/LP)
A new band, from some folks who are probably already in your collection; Gone is Gone is members of Mastodon, Queens Of The Stone Age and At The Drive-In.
J. Dilla – Diary Instrumentals
The instrumental version of the latest vault release from J. Dilla’s family trove.
Julie Ruin – Hit Reset (CD/LP)
New from Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna.
Left Lane Cruiser – Beck in Black
Not a reference to Silverlake’s fair-haired songsmith, but to Left Lane Cruiser’s original drummer, who has made his way back to the fold.
Modest Mouse / 764-Hero – Whenever You See Fit
Beautiful split colored vinyl reissue.

  Internet Trawling
Interesting flotsam that washed up on our desktop

Wye Oak – This next song is the first single on their new album…
Jimi Hendrix – Jimi run through Google Deep Dream, with Mobius’ art as the reference. It’s pretty cool.
Binary Music – 10 keys, all assigned a value, that can then be played. Sounds a little like it could have been in the Exorcist.
Hip Hop sign language –

Freddie Gibbs, Ab-Soul, Lil Bibby & Vince Staples all getting the ASL treatment. It’s cool to see how quick this signing guy needs to be to

keep up. It’s got some potty mouth, so click carefully.

Harrison Fjord – Wicked cool psyche/jazz/fusion. Coming to town in late July.

Long Beach and beyond  

07.09.16 Twisted at the Pike –

Summer and Music returns, flush with the success of 720, for the third version of Twisted. Carney folks and carney food, fire dancers, and music from Gardens & Villa, JJUUJJUU, The Molochs, Furcast, and oh so much more.  Free & all ages. Starts at 5:00

07.14.16 Pink Floyd’s The Wall Live –
Live After 5 brings RIOTstage to the Acres of Books lot for a live reinterpretation of the full iconic album. The Black Noise and a DJ set from Notorious JEN round things out. Free

08.20.16 Xiu Xiu Play Twin Peaks –
Live at the Sunnyside Cemetery, courtesy of Long Beach Cinemateque.

FYF Fest Tickets  – Available Here
August 27 & 28

In the era of festivals being all about the place and the scene, it’s positively refreshing that FYF remembers that it should be about the line-up and the talent.  This year is no exception, reading down the list, I was expecting it to get soft and mushy at some point, and then I got to the line with Diiv and Wild Nothing and I just kind of gave myself over to it. If you’re feeling the same, you should know that the cheapest way to buy tickets is right down the street at your favorite little record shop.
Tickets are on sale here, and they are cash only.

Long Beach Folk Revival Festival Tickets Available Here
Saturday, September 17th
(Rainbow Lagoon Park)

The Long Beach Folk Revival Fest is coming up again, and they’ve put together an amazing line-up that includes: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, White Buffalo, Chuck Ragan, JD McPherson, Leo Bud Welch, Willy Tea Taylor, Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys, The Lowest Pair, Moonsville Collective, Pearl Charles, Paige Anderson & The Fearless Kin, McDougall, Big Bad Rooster, Honey Whiskey Trio, The Hollow Trees, Echo Mountain, & Smoggy Mountain String Band. Damn, solid. There will also be food trucks, beer gardens, mustache contests, artists, and other things to make for an amazing day. Tickets available here at the shop for $35 +$2 svc. (cash only). More info at folkrevivalfestival.com

MUSIC TASTES GOOD – Tickets available here. 
September 23, 24, & 25

Hopefully you’ve heard about Music Tastes Good (MTG), the incredible festival that will be taking over the streets of Long Beach in September, but if not, click over to this sampler video announcement and then come back and finish reading. You’re right here -> <- Okay, you back? How about that? Holy hell what a line-up; De La Soul, Iron & Wine, Deltron, The Specials, Warpaint, Squeeze, Living Color, … Anyway. We have tickets here at the shop, and not only are we the cheapest way to get them, we’re throwing in a $5 gift certificate with each 3-day ticket to soften the hefty $5 svc fee. There are a lot of ticket options, so click here for info about those options. Worth noting, unlike most festivals, the 3-day ticket is the hot ticket, not just because it covers all three days at a cheaper price, but because the layout changes for Friday & Sunday, so those two days will have lower capacity and will be quick to sell out. Svc charge for individual day tickets is $2/ticket. Tickets are cash only.
Thank you for supporting small businesses, in our eyes they provide the color and excitement in any neighborhood, and our neighborhood is chock full of amazing small businesses. Some of our favorites include; Made, Lola’s Mexican, The Art Theatre, Berlin, Number 9, Olives, Cocoreno, and Congregation. More next time.




Emily Kinney, Pepper, Sam Beam& Jesca Hoop, Violent Femmes (SOLD OUT), New Releases, and more

Issue: 1609
April 22nd, 2016  
Hi Long Beach. Things are a weird mix of sedate and excited around here today (and try as we might, we can’t make it over the hump). Post-RSD feels, just beginning to deal with the death of Prince, building the best schedule of in-stores we’ve ever had, thinking about festivals (SAM, FYF, Folk Revival, MTG) and trying to find our place at each…Anyway, in some semblance of order I’ll just go for it; 

Prince. We can’t even process. To say he was a hero would be a magnificent understatement. 2016 continues to suck in the saying goodbye to our heroes department. I watched Purple Rain at the Art last night and it helped. If you’re hurting I recommend a communal cure.

RSD – It was great. Hopefully you were able to get what you were looking for, got to see Watt and/or Brett Dennen play, and had a chinwag with Al Jourgensen. It was a whirlwind. Thanks to all who came out, or sent a good thought our way when you saw it was trending on facebook.

Festivals – We’re still figuring these out, but it’s gonna be an amazingly musical summer, so brace yourselves.

In-stores – There are a bunch below, and a bunch more in the wings. Many will sell out.

That’s it, talk soon.

EMILY KINNEY – Live In-Store Performance
Wednesday, April 27th 7:00pm

A lot of us first encountered Emily Kinney’s musical side when she performed Tom Waits’ song Hold On on AMC’s hit television series, The Walking Dead. Emily recently released an album of original material called, “This Is War” and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, especially in areas where fans have had the chance to see her perform, where her joy in playing shines so brightly. We’re extremely excited that she will be here next Wednesday to perform and meet fans.
If you want a mix-tape setting, she would fit nicely in a mix with She & Him and Haxahatchee.
Check out her Treehouse Session for a sample.
We’ve opened the guest list first come first served, but if you pick up a copy of This is War, you’ll receive priority entry, a wristband for the meet & greet, and an event poster. RSVP to 562.433.4996

PEPPER – Live In-Store Performance

Friday, April 29th 6:00pm  
If you’re a Pepper fan chances are good you’re in either one of two camps; either you missed getting tickets to their sold-out show at Alex’s Bar, or you got tickets to see them at Alex’s, but you know it’s been too long, and it’s going to be over way to soon. Either way, we’re here for you. 
Since the guys have a new album coming out on the 29th, and they’re already going to be in town, it would be crazy to miss the chance to have them back on our little stage for an acoustic set.
Way back we hosted Pepper in the old 2nd street location, and it was wall to wall. 
With their roots in the same fertile ground that gave us Sublime, it’s little wonder that this Hawaiian trio has such a strong local connection. Ohana, their latest, has all of the familiar components, but there’s a little more juice in the rum drink this time out. Ohana is an old friend that shows up late in the day, and who, before it’s all over, has everyone dancing with a drink in their hand.
Check out the track Vacation for a taste.
We are opening the guest list for this one with pre-order of Ohana on CD or LP. If space allows, which we aren’t anticipating, we will open the list with RSVP (free) a couple days out. If you’d like to be here, your best bet is to punch 562.433.4996 into your phone and place your pre-order.

SAM BEAM & JESCA HOOP – Live In-Store Performance  
Monday, May 2nd 7:00pm

Love Letter for Fire is a collaboration between Sam Beam (aka Iron and Wine) and singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop. Love Letter for Fire features Beam and Hoop on vocals and guitar along with Robert Burger, Eyvind Kang, Glenn Kotche, Sebastian Steinberg, and Edward Rankin-Parker. Many of you will be familiar with Sam as his nom de stage, Iron and Wine, and his albums The Creek Drank The Cradle, Our Endless Numbered Days, Woman King, and The Shepherd’s Dog. Sam was a bit of a frequent rocker at the old shop, but this will be his first time in the new space. Jesca Hoop is an incredible live performer, known for her wonderfully-eclectic take on folk, rock, and electronic music. Hoop has released five albums and two EPs, including the critical favorites Hunting My Dress and The House That Jack Built. Jesca has toured and collaborated with the likes of Shearwater, Willy Mason, Blake Mills, Andrew Bird, and Elbow. This will be her first Fingerprints in-store.Their collaborative album, Love Letter for Fire, was produced, recorded and mixed by Tucker Martine (Modest Mouse, Decemberists, Neko Case), and we couldn’t be more excited to have them both here. 
Check out Valley Clouds for a taste.
Sam and Jesca will also be playing at the Fonda on May 30th, and you would be crazy to miss the chance at seeing the full show. Tickets here. 
We are opening the guest list for this event with pre-order of Love Letter For Fire on CD or LP beginning right now, even though it’s not actually out until Friday. Pre-order will get you priority entry and an event poster. Call 562.433.4996, or just drop in to pre-order, and we’ll get you all set.

VIOLENT FEMMES – Live In-Store Performance – **SOLD OUT**
Saturday, May 7th 12:30pm

If you were a child of the 80s, or even if you just knew any, the chances are good that somewhere you’ve got a mix disc with at least a couple of The Violent Femmes songs on it. There was a time when their heady mix of acoustic roots and punk energy was practically inescapable, and happily the songs, and more importantly, the sound, remain vital. 
We Can Do Anything finds the Femmes revisiting old demos and songbooks for a fresh take on unreleased materiel from the days that gave us Blister in the Sun, Add it Up, American Music, Country Death Song, and so many more.
For their first album in 15 years, it’s almost hard to believe there’s been a break. Touring has kept them fresh and full of fire, and judging by the fact that their Orpheum show on the 7th is sold out, that freshness and fire is keeping fans in the seats. If you’d like to keep an eye out for tix to the show, watch the Orpheum’s website
In the meantime, get to the phone or to the shop and grab a copy of We Can Do Anything to secure a spot for this very special early afternoon in-store.
Check out Good For/At Nothing to whet your appetite.
Pre-order in person, or call us at 562.433.4996 to order by phone, and we’ll get you all set for what is sure to be an amazing experience.

New Releases  
All Out Friday (4/15)
Jethro Tull – Aqualung (2CD/2DVD)
Forty-fifth Anniversary edition, includes scratch and sniff cards for each song, designed to heighten the full sensory experience. As you might expect, the Aqualung card is best left unscratched (and definitely unsniffed).
Candlebox – Disappearing In Airports
Surprisingly pop and radio friendly for a band whose biggest selling album came out when rock radio was a thing, and Madonna still had a record label. There are some shredders here, but this feels like a great flashback to when MTV would surprise us with a new band who was about more than just a good video. 
Rick Braun, Kirk Whalum, and a guy named Brown. Probably not Charles, more likely in the smooth jazz world. Norman, maybe?
Strumbrellas – Hope
Songs for loudly singing-along , campfire dance friendly, in-store ready, some stomping and clapping required. 9/10 on the joyous/raucous scale.
Rufus Wainwright, William Shakespeare – Take All My Loves
Sorry, can’t get my head around this one. It’s Shakespeare, it’s a mix of music and theater, and it features Rufus Wainwright, Florence Welch (Machine), Martha Wainwright (Sister/nutter), Helena Bonham Carter (Actor/nutter), Carrie Fisher (Leia/nutter) William Shatner (nutter/thespian/crank) and a bunch of others who are also gloriously out there. Might be interesting if you smoke a pipe.
Har Mar Superstar – Best Summer Ever
AKA Har Mar’s musical history of the world, this is his “Best Of” album, and it’s loaded with dance floor fillers from the 50s to the 80s (well, if they’d been released back then).
Third Power – Believe
The vinyl came out, and sold out, on Record Store Day, but if you’re a fan of early Detriot rock, in the classic, dangerous, garage vein, you might need one of these. They would have sandwiched nicely between Jimi and Cream.
Guns and bitches, bling and MTV bullshit, mix it up with some cool fresher ideas, for a record that will likely bum out the purists and the old-school hip-hop fans.
Dalek – Asphalt for Eden
Newly reformed, Dalek is back. Once they were described as a mix of Public Enemy and MBV, and while it’s close on the sonic spectrum it doesn’t cover the darkness that runs through it.
Lush – Blind Spot
The new ep, includes 5 songs just in time for your upcoming jones after seeing/ hearing/hearing about their performance at Coachella. 
Bill Evans – Some Other Time: Lost Session from The Black Forest 
Sublime late 60s recording, featuring bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Jack DeJohnette, and available for the first time ever. This project was seemingly shelved due to the release of the trio’s Montreux Jazz Festival release, which was recorded within days of this session. If you recognize the names, it’s for good reason, these are the guys who backed up Miles on Kind Of Blue. Limited vinyl still available. 
Guided By Voices – Please Be Honest
Recalling the lo-fi and tight songs of Vampire on Titus, this is Bob at his best. That said, to be honest, we need a bigger shelf for our “G” albums.
Blue Man Group – Three
Hard not to think about blue balls when one thinks about Blue Man Group… Maybe thinking about Vegas would help, we have a contest going that includes tickets and a hotel room. Check in to enter.
Josh Kelley – New Lane Road
If any of these songs are about his wife being tough, or not letting him buy the Ford F-950 pick up he wants (and holy hell, this is a real thing!), you should know he’s talking about Katherine Heigl, who has a reputation for being exactly that tough. 
Blue October – Home
Fruition – Labor of Love
The newest faces on the jam band scene, Fruition is a rockabilly, roadhouse, bluegrass, string, party band. It feels good, and rarely better than it does on The Meaning
Higher Authorities – Neptune
There’s a lot of love for this one here at the shop, partly because it’s the singer from Clinic, but mostly because it’s a bit of a killer.

New Vinyl Reissues:

Petra Haden – Sings: The Who Sell Out (Vinyl)
Captain Beefheart – The Spotlight Kid (Vinyl)
Captain Beefheart – Lick My Decals Off Baby (Vinyl)
Captain Beefheart – Clear Spot (Vinyl)

FYF Fest Tickets – On Sale Info 

Tickets Available Here

In the era of festivals being all about the place and the scene, it’s positively refreshing that FYF remembers that it should be about the line-up and the talent.  This year is no exception, reading down the list, I was expecting it to get soft and mushy at some point, and then I got to the line with Diiv and Wild Nothing and I just kind of gave myself over to it. If you’re feeling the same, you should know that the cheapest way to buy tickets is right down the street at your favorite little record shop.
Tickets are on sale now, and they are cash only.Social yourself silly at:

Facebook (FYF)
Twitter (FYF)
Instagram (FYF)

Long Beach and beyond  
04.24.16 – Long Beach Zine Fest – Once again at MOLAA, this was a capacity event last year, so plan ahead for this one. Details05.07.16 – Bike Fest – Long Beach once again becomes the center of our cycling universe with this day long celebration of biking, racing, obstacle courses, and beer. That’s right, bikes and beers. I’m in.05.07.16 – Music Tastes Good – Long Beach’s upcoming music festival (happening 9/23-25) is doing a big dance party kick-off at the Packard, and it’s going to feature DJ sets from Adrian Younge, DJ Nobody, and Dennis Owens, which should be plenty of reason to get your groove on, but it will also be where you can hear who’s playing the big show. Register at MTG for updates.

05.21.16 – Like Totally 80s Fest – No big deal, just bands like

The Motels, Flock of Seagulls, Dramarama, Naked Eyes, Clive Farrington the original lead singer for When in Rome (UK), and Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow… you know the ones who don’t make us embarrassed about our 80s hairstyle. Tickets available here at the shop. More info. 

  Internet Trawling
Interesting flotsam that washed up on our desktop

Nathaniel Rateliff – new video with the Night Sweats.
Allen Stone – Live in his Mom’s livingroom, because it sounds like we’re never going to hear the Live at Fingerprints recordings.
Mark Knopfler – Sultans of Swing, isolated guitar and vocals.
Alan Lomax – Go and play in the fields of the Lomax – his full archive is now up online for your enjoyment.
The Rabbit – Mark Linkous’s kid brother Matt had a band in the early 2000s, and apparently Mark did some production and played some guitar on it, and it sounds like it. Anyway, after a little regrouping, they’re back to being active, and they’re talking about a release. In the meantime, check out the bandcamp stream. As long I’m talking about Mark, I’ll go ahead and post this link to an unreleased song of Mark’s that Susanna Hoffs recorded, back when they were working together.
Hoyt Axton – Keep this name in mind the next time you’re crate digging. Hoyt was an incredible songwriter, including Joy To The World (Jerimiah Was a Bullfrog), Boney Fingers, The Pusher, and the above linked No No Song, which was a hit for Ringo, but which boasts an amazing Cheech & Chong cameo on this, the original version.
Jane Bordeaux – A pretty French song, with an amazing animated video.
RNDM – Joseph Arthur, Richard Stuverad, and Jeff Ament (of Pearl Jam). A beautiful slow burner, played live.
Louisville Vegan Jerky – We are beyond stoked to be able to offer LVJ, if you have a little jerky-sized hole in your vegan life, you should ask for a sample the next time you’re in, it’s delish!
Bruce Springsteen – All right, we were pretty sure that we didn’t want to see any hackneyed tribute/cover versions of Prince songs, but we were wrong. This is really hitting home.
Thank you for supporting small businesses, in our eyes they provide the color and excitement in any neighborhood, and our neighborhood is chock full of amazing small businesses. Some of our favorites include; Made, Lola’s Mexican, The Art Theatre, Berlin, Number 9, Olives, Cocoreno, and Congregation. More next time.




EMILY KINNEY – Live In-Store Performance

EMILY KINNEY – Live In-Store Performance
Wednesday, April 27th 7:00pm 

A lot of us first encountered Emily Kinney’s musical side when she performed Tom Waits’ song Hold On on AMC’s hit television series, The Walking Dead. Emily recently released an album of original material called, “This Is War” and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, especially in areas where fans have had the chance to see her perform, where her joy in playing shines so brightly. We’re extremely excited that she will be here next Wednesday to perform and meet fans.
If you want a mix-tape setting, she would fit nicely in a mix with She & Him and Haxahatchee.
Check out her Treehouse Session for a sample.
We’ve opened the guest list first come first served, but if you pick up a copy of This is War, you’ll receive priority entry, a wristband for the meet & greet, and an event poster. RSVP to 562.433.4996


THE READY SET – Live In-Store Performance

THE READY SET – Live In-Store Performance
Saturday, April 2nd 2:00pm

Talk about a buzz. Jordan Mark Witzigreuter, known by his stage name The Ready Set, is an American electropop singer-songwriter from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is the lead vocalist and sole member of the act, using a backup band while on tour. The story started with a debut album on Decaydance, Pete Wentz’ (of Fallout Boy) label, then on to Sire for a major label debut, which included the smash Love Like Woe. Jordan is back on an indie (Hopeless) for I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love, due out on April 8th.
Since LA is home these days, this solo acoustic event will be the wind-up of a national set-up run.
Good Enough – The new single
YouTube Page  There’s a lot of older stuff on The Ready Set home page, including …
Love Like Woe The single that started it all (23 million views)
We are opening the guest list for this event with pre-order of I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love, and if there’s still space once we’re closer, we’ll open it first come first serve with RSVP. Pre-order at 562.433.4995or in person.