Event FAQs:

What time should I arrive/ Is Fingerprints ada accessible? 

Arrival time can vary by event, but generally, we recommend arriving an hour before the event starts if you want to be near the front (of the line or the stage). This will allow time for parking as well as the check in process. Events with bigger artists may require additional time for a close spot. While the store is ADA compliant, we have a limited ability to make accommodations during events, so if you need extra assistance for an event you will need to make the request in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate. Please address all ADA questions, concerns, and requests to our contact us link:  https://fingerprintsmusic.com/contact

Is there event parking?

We are in an impacted parking area, but there is metered parking around the store that is in effect until 6pm, Mon-Sat. Metered parking is free after 6:00pm and on Sundays. There is also a pay by the hour lot directly across from the store, the price is the same as the meter, but the hours are round the clock. There is a City lot on 3rd Street and 5th Street, across LB Blvd, before Pine, that both offer 2-hour free parking and reasonable rates after that. **Please note, this is accurate as we’re writing it, and these things are subject to change. Please confirm in advance if you’re concerned. 

How can I confirm I am on the list for the event?

If you were able to complete the order on our website and have an order confirmation from us, you are all set! The day of the event you will need to bring a photo ID and your confirmation email (having it on your phone is fine).

Should I have my item shipped, or can I pick it up at the event?

We hold in-store orders until the event so no one has to worry about leaving it at home or it not arriving in time for the event. Unless you give us other instructions, your record or CD will be here waiting for you at the event. **Please select “In-Store Pick-up” for your event shipping method, unless you aren’t attending and want it shipped after the event is over. Please understand that in most cases we cannot have items signed if you are unable to attend. **Please note: Once an order has been completed we are unable to refund for shipping.  

Does everyone need to RSVP?

Yes. It allows us to make sure we’ve scheduled correctly, and to know where to put the stage.  Depending on the event, sometimes it’s free with RSVP (done by calling or visiting the store) or free with purchase, done by ordering the new album at fingerprintsmusic.com. If purchase is required, it is one item purchase per person, just like buying any other ticket. If space is limited, and you order more than the limit, your order may be canceled, so please pay attention to the limit. 

Can I take pictures with the artist?

Pictures of/with the artist are decided on a case-by-case basis, working with the label and artist management. We try to encourage photos, but ultimately it’s up to the artist to decide. Usually pictures are okay at live performances, and obviously we’ll have something in place for photo opp meet and greets, but signings are where it’s often a decision made when the artist arrives. 

What is your bag policy?

We allow small bags (6”x8” and smaller). If you bring a larger bag/backpack, we offer a bag check at the counter and you will need to check it. 

How do I get a refund if I can’t attend the event?

If it is more than 24-hours prior to the event, please use our contact us form (https://fingerprintsmusic.com/contact) and include your name and order number, and we will do our best to accommodate. If it is less than 24-hours prior to the event, or after the event, unfortunately, there will be no refunds as with your order you will have taken the spot of someone else who would have liked to attend (think of a movie or concert ticket – canceling on short notice, or after the event makes that space unsellable.)

Are the events transferable?

Generally no, but with enough notice we can sometimes make exceptions. Please reach out to us on our contact us form (https://fingerprintsmusic.com/contact) on the website and include your order number and circumstance and we can attempt to help, although we cannot make any guarantee. We do not make transfer accommodations for items sold above original cost, and this policy is in place to discourage gouging on the resale market. 

If I can not make the event, how do I get the product I ordered?

If you paid for us to ship it, we will ship it after the event. If you paid for in store pick up, we will have it available for you at the shop, or we can ship it for a small additional fee. If we have still not heard from you 60 days after the event and your item is still at the store, we will assume it is abandoned and will add it back to our inventory. Please reach out to us on our contact us form (https://fingerprintsmusic.com/contact) and we can sort out the payment and confirm your address if you need your item shipped. 

Where can I reach you if I have a question that was not addressed here?

The best/quickest way to reach us is by using our contact us form (https://fingerprintsmusic.com/contact ). If it is a question specific to your order, please include your order number so we can have the info in front of us.