Clearing up some misguided speculation about our Lana Del Rey Listening Party – Please Read



Well, I’m writing this because the response to our “Are you coming to our Lana Del Rey Listening Event at the Beach?” question was, frankly, overwhelming and after a long weekend watching the skyrocketing number of folks wanting to participate,  I thought I should let you know where things stand, as of this morning, 03/20/23;

First, and foremost, Lana Del Rey will NOT be at this event. Just like all 80 of the other events for this release, it’s a LISTENING PARTY for the new album. We’ve added to the fun by having a few of friends work up songs to make it feel a bit more live, but this is NOT, and has NEVER been, a “Live With Lana” event.

We’re hoping the response was so strong because many of you “huge fan/armchair detectives” jumped to a few misguided, but well-reasoned, conclusions… primarily that “Lana would be showing up.”

We get it, it’s a cool and exciting thought, but it’s not going to happen (and never was).

So, with that said, we’re asking if you STILL WANT TO COME to the event, with the knowledge that it will be a playback of the record, along with a well-chosen cover (and an original) by our amazing friends. If you do, please CLICK THE RSVP REQUEST BELOW, provide your info, and we’ll take a look to see if this is actually something we can pull off safely, with the permit we have, or if we need to rethink the event. IF YES, PLEASE RSVP by 6:00pm PDT tomorrow (Tuesday – 03/21/23).

Now, for the armchair detectives looking for clues, here’s the whys and what-abouts:

”But, Lana emailed about this…???” – She actually emailed about all 80 listening events, ours stood out because it’s on Thursday.

“Your event is on Thursday, that must be a sign!!” Ours is on Thursday because, with it being outside, we didn’t want to take a chance of it getting rained out and there’s been rain projected for Tuesday/Wednesday. (This was my favorite of the misguided conclusions, though)

“ You guys get so many amazing bands, it must be true!” I’m not sure if anyone actually said this but we are very fortunate, and in that light we can see why it would make sense. It would make me incredibly happy to think that people would recognize how lucky we are to get so many great artists to drop in.

As to why we picked this tunnel, the one downtown opens into an ugly active parking lot which has so many issues we couldn’t even consider it. That there was a fire didn’t factor in, it was just weird timing.

I walk past the Cherry Ave tunnel regularly, I think it’s beautiful, and with each pass by I think, “how cool would be to activate it as a stage!” So Lana’s timing, and my dream of using this space, dovetailed nicely, and that’s where the idea came from.

We dig Lana, and we’re proud to have promoted her since before her first album, and we’re super proud that she’s chosen to celebrate Long Beach. Hopefully, someday, we’ll get to do something with her in person, but we need to make sure it’s done safely and with respect for the neighbors and space. Unfortunately it has become very apparent early on that couldn’t be this event. So, with all of that full disclosure, if it still sounds like fun please FILL THE FORM BELOW and let us know you’re interested in coming.

If it only sounded fun because you thought she was gonna be here, stay tuned… and we’ll let you know if/when something like that comes together! (But, again, THIS ISN’T THAT.)