New Brian Eno Foreverandevernomore album out 10/14.

There is a new studio album of songs written, recorded and produced by visionary musician and artist Brian Eno – featuring his vocals on 8 of the 10 recordings- arriving 10/14/22.
FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE is Eno’s first studio album in six years and features appearances from longstanding collaborators Leo Abrahams, Roger Eno and Peter Chilvers, alongside Cecily Eno, Clodagh Simonds, Darla Eno and Jon Hopkins.
The album includes studio recordings of “There Were Bells” and “Garden Of Stars,” compositions that Eno penned to perform as part of his first live performance in 11 years at the Acropolis back in August 2021, it also includes “Making Gardens Out Of Silence” that features as part of the ongoing Serpentine interdisciplinary program, BACK TO EARTH.
There is a quick link to preorder the vinyl here and the cd here.
Brian Eno Foreverandevernomore Album Preorder
Brian Eno Foreverandevernomore Album Preorder