Radiohead KID A MNESIA releases 11/05/21. Pre-Order the 3LP or 3 CD now

21 years since the release of Radiohead’s seminal albums, ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’ comes a combined and expanded reissue, ‘KID A MNESIA’. Here put back together as originally intended, with an additional disc of bonus material – including 2 original unreleased recordings from the era: ‘If You Say the Word’ + ‘Follow Me Around’.
“A new, uniquely fearless kind of rock record for a new, increasingly fearful century, Radiohead’s fourth album, released in October 2000, remains one of the more stunning sonic makeovers in music history” – Rolling Stone (500 Greatest Albums of All Time)
PRE-ORDER now available on 3CD, Standard 3LP or the Indie-Exclusive Red 3LP (Pre-order now closed). This comes out 11/05/21 on XL Recordings.
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