Records Store Day Drops RSD October 24 2020

Request Your RSD Drops for October 24, 2020

Welcome to our braver-new-world wishlist generator for Record Store Day Drop3 releases.

Research all the the RSD titles, submit your wishlist, and claim a virtual spot in line for purchase and pickup at Fingerprints on Saturday, October 24.

How It Works:

  1. Check out all the limited-edition goodness below
  2. Fill out your contact info and select the releases that you hope are in your bag on Record Store Day
  3. Read the small print and submit your wishlist (the initial deadline passed at 4pm on Wednesday, October 21st, so these will now be 'standby' wishlists)
  4. Standby wishlists will be processed AFTER all of the on-time wishlists are randomly filled (Check the Fingerprints Instagram on Friday the 23rd to see it happen). Look for an email on RSD morning around 5am with more information, including when we will have your bag ready for pick up
  5. We will stop taking *all* wishlists at 4pm on Friday, October 23rd. Remaining stock will go live on the Fingerprints Online Store after 10am on Record Store Day
  6. Come to Fingerprints on Record Store Day for quick pick-up in the lot across the street (also check out our storewide sale from 10am-8pm)…

tl/dr: Dare To Dream

Wait! I’m not quite sure which awesome releases I need…

No worries – just click here to see the full list of RSD Drops and get details on all of the limited-edition choices being released on October 24th.


The form below shows the releases we were working with, and (after all the wishlists are processed), any available remaining titles will be posted on the Fingerprints online store by 10am on Saturday, October 24.

Coming up next - Look for our RSD Black Friday Wishlist Generator, coming in November to

OK, I'm ready – I want my RSD:

$ 0.00

The Not-So Small Print

Please note that all RSD Drops are strictly limited to one copy of each item per customer.
Duplicate requests for the same item will cancel each other out and you will get neither.

If, after you submit a wishlist, you need to add additional items, please submit a 2nd wishlist with JUST the additional item(s), and be aware that both wishlists will be treated separately.

Again, DO NOT order an item more than once, or you will not get any.

This year, the time you arrive at the store on Record Store Day does not define which of your requests will still be available, the randomized order of all submitted wishlists will do that instead.

THERE IS NO NEED to camp or wait in line for us to open - just submit your wishlist and plan to come down to the store on the 24th for purchase and pickup.

Please observe all current guidelines on social distancing and personal safety, as you would on any other day at Fingerprints.

Exact pickup and shopping details will be sent to you early on Record Store Day morning via email.
If you come between 10am and 8pm, you can also check out our storewide sale as well (win-win).