Fingerprints 30th Anniversary Party is “30 Days of 30” Celebrations!

Well, I’m not sure who saw it coming, but here we are snuggling up against the number thirty. It’s crazy to think about all of the twists and turns that got us here. Not to mention all of the people who played huge roles, on both sides of the counter. The last several years have been weird and challenging, but man the bright spots have been incredible. The friends, the music, the bands. As I write this, the clock is slowly slipping toward the final tick of our twenty-ninth year, and while it feels like there’s a long way to go, I’m heading into 30 feeling pretty optimistic. Maybe it’s that we got to send our twenties out with Ozomatli moving all of us to shake our asses and jump around, or maybe it’s one of the amazing in-stores we have on the calendar (or in the works) or hell, maybe it’s just that we still get excited for new release day. Regardless, there are some ridiculously big in-stores in the works, including an announcement that’s hopefully coming early this coming week. Oh, and there will be sales, art and music events, free concert tickets, and more. We’re hoping to send an email out every week with the daily details. We’ll still be posting up on IG and facebook, but the socials have become less reliable, so we’re back to the email. Sign up HERE
30 Days of 30 Week One:
Sunday 7.17 – Our actual Anniversary and the perfect time for a giant sale. 30% off all the Used stuff, and 25% off all the New stuff. Consignments are out. Ice Cream Ian will be stopping in from 2:00-4:00 with free ice cream and popsicles. We’ll be giving away a pair of tickets for Mapache at Zebulon 7/29 (details on our IG page.) It would cool to hear your favorite Fingerprints memory, so come in to share, or go wide on our social media (#Fingeronthememory)
Monday 7.18 – All Used Folk LPs are $1.00 each, all Used Folks CDs are 50% off marked price. Ticket giveaway for Horsegirl at The Echo 7/22 (Have you heard this album yet? It’s so good)
Tuesday 7.19 – All $4.20 LPs are $1.00 each. Ticket Giveaway for Karate at The Echoplex 7/23
Wednesday 7.20 – Wear the T-shirt, roll the dice. Wear a record store or band t-shirt and roll the dice to determine your discount – discount is die value with a “0” on the end (for example a 4 will be a 40% discount on any ONE item). You’ll have to identify which item you want to apply the discount to prior to rolling, and there is a strict one roll per person limit. Note to DnD fans, we’ll be using our dice. Ticket giveaway for Ester Rose at The Lodge Room 7/25
Thursday 7.21 – Buy One, Get One Free on Fingerprints Instant Classical LP Collection Grab Bags (regularly: 5LPs/$10) Twenty-five free outer LP sleeves with new/used vinyl purchase.
Friday 7.22 – Jack White Listening Party at 6:00pm, free litho with purchase. Pick your charity deal. Bring your receipt from any legit charitable donation made during the past week and get an immediate $5 off any purchase. Must be used on 7.22. Not valid on Gift Cards.
Saturday 7.23 – Bands Around Town Photo contest (photo above). We keep seeing band names (songs count, too) in the wilds of Long Beach, so keep an eye out for a band/song in the streets, take a photo, add it to our IG page and tag #BandsaroundtownLB and we’ll pick our favorites for an end of the month photo exhibit. The most popular picture will receive a print, an award (likely a ribbon, but maybe a trophy, if the garage sale gods smile on us) and a $50 Fingerprints Gift Certificate. If it’s close, second place will get something too. Double Feature Sale – BOGO on Used DVD/Bluray. It’s also the anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s passing, so we’ll be playing lots of Amy all day. Come in with a beehive ‘do and get yer mug on our IG page.
Sunday 7.24 – All Used Country LPs are $1.00, Used Country CDs are 50% off. Ticket Giveaway for Moontower at The Echo 8/03
Please support the fine venues who’ve so graciously hooked us up with tickets, they enrich all of our lives, and we only asked the places we love the most. Details for the ticket giveaways will be posted on our instagram, and the method of entry will vary depending on our creativity. $1.00 record sales will not apply to hold box items or IG sale items. Regardless of how amazing the new Wilco is, and even though it has “Country” in the name, we don’t file it that way, and all decisions as to genre will be up to counter staff. Sale offers are limited to in-store shopping and stock on hand.