Record Store Day Black Friday: November 26, 2021

Record Store Day - Black Friday

With the RSD Drops behind us, we are moving into holiday mode.

We are excited to welcome you back for RSD Black Friday featuring bigger names, fresher titles and curated gifts* for the discerning music lover and urban gourmand.

We’ve done our best to give a thumbnail description of each release, but for more information check out the full RSD list for all the details. There are quite a few titles that have been bumped a few weeks or to next year. More info on those titles here.

Our approach to this new world ordering is to first address health and safety concerns, followed by finding a system to ensure that titles are distributed fairly. We think we’ve accomplished this and are excited about this new system, even if, like you, we are looking forward to getting back to the live bands and focusing on our community. If this is your first time making a wishlist, please rest assured this system has worked for thousands of music fans so far this year…




1. If you put it on your request list, and we can fill it, you are committing to take the FULL order or FORFEIT it. We won’t be able to make adjustments once an order has been packed.

2. As always, there is a limit of ONE COPY OF EACH ITEM PER PERSON. If you submit a request for any item more than once, THEY WILL CANCEL OUT and you will receive no copies.

3.  If, after you complete a request, you’d like to add additional items, you can submit them in a second wishlist, but please only include the additional items in the second request.

4. Fulfilled wishlists are for IN-STORE PICK UP ONLY.

5. Any remaining stock will go live on our website as soon as possible, with unclaimed wishlist items to follow. Please follow our Instagram page for all updates.

Enough talk, commence your wishlisting…

The wishlist deadline has passed!

**Wishlists must be submitted by 9pm on Monday, November 22nd.**

After we have everyone’s requests, we’re going to mix them up and randomly put your list “in line”!
Go to the Fingerprints Instagram on Wednesday November 25th to see the mix in action.

On RSD Black Friday, as close to 5am as possible, we will send you a note to let you know the time window to pick up your goodies. We will also let you know if there are items we couldn’t fill, hopefully giving you enough notice to hit another store to complete your wishlist.

You will pay when you pick up, but remember you you have committed to take as much of your order as we we were able to fill. We’ll be taking credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and if needed, cash.


We have done our best to make this as easy and user-friendly as possible, while working within RSD’s rules, and being very serious about minimizing everyone’s exposure and risks. We want to make sure RSD is great for everyone by distributing these audio goodies in a manner that’s as fair as possible.

If you’re also looking for a socially-distanced in-person shopping experience on Black Friday, we will open at 9am for a big (non-RSD) sale until 8pm.

We will once again be working with local partners via offers and coupons in your RSD bag and encourage you to continue supporting those that make Long Beach great.

We look forward to seeing all your wishes, and to seeing you on Black Friday for the final Record Store Day of 2021.